Gateway Residence Center

Gateway Residence Center exterior

Completed in 1986, these five buildings — Roser Hall, Malesardi Hall, Kalman-Posner Hall, Vidinghoff Hall, and Silbermann Hall — offer independent living for upper-class students. Each floor consists of four large suites that offer apartment-style living for four students, each with their own private bedroom. The bedrooms connect to a large common area that includes a furnished living room and full kitchen and bath. Smaller suites are also available. Common laundry facilities are available within the center. First-floor suites are available for students with mobility needs.

Though larger furniture pieces are provided, students who live in these halls are responsible for bringing their own cooking and cleaning supplies and utensils and keeping their suites clean.

Residence Details

  • Bedrooms are approximately 7 feet by 11 feet.
  • Windows are approximately 3.5 feet by 5 feet.
  • Closets are approximately 8 feet by 4.5 feet with sliding doors.
  • Each bedroom includes a bed, desk with chair and dresser.
  • Common areas are approximately 18.5 feet by 11 feet and include a love seat, table and four chairs.
  • Common space window dimensions 6.5 feet by 7 feet (double window).
  • Full kitchens include a stove and oven, full-size refrigerator, sink, cabinets and closet.
  • Full bathrooms include two sinks, large counter space, shower and toilet.
  • Window screens are not provided by the University.
  • Cookware, dinnerware and silverware are not provided.
  • The Gateways are an independent living area. Students are expected to clean and maintain their own bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens and dispose of their own trash. The facilities team will be available to assist with maintenance issues not related to cleanliness of rooms.


  • Air conditioning.
  • Common laundry facilities located in Kalman-Poser.
  • Nearby volleyball court.
  • Outdoor bike racks.
  • Student parking nearby.


Interior Gateway Residence Center room
Interior Gateway Residence Center room
Interior Gateway Residence Center common space
Exterior Gateway Residence Center building
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Exterior Gateway Residence Center building