Housing Rates

Below are the room rates for the various housing options on campus for 2020-21. These prices are per semester, not for the full academic year.

Housing rates are dependent upon the capacity and amenities of the room (air conditioning, apartment style, etc.). If a room change is made, the rate at which a student is charged may change based on these amenities and the number of days the student resides in the room (maximum 114 days per semester).

You may also download the 2020-21 Per Semester Housing Rates as a pdf.

Per Semester 
Rate for  an
Air Conditioned Room
Per Semester 
Rate for a
Non-Air Conditioned Room
Gateway Single$4,921.00N/A
Gateway Double$4,697.00N/A
South Campus Apartment Single$5,144.00N/A
Bucknell West Double$4,697.00$4,473.00
Apartment Single$4,921.00$4,697.00
Sorority Single*$4,921.00N/A
Sorority Double*$4,697.00N/A
University-Owned Fraternity Single*$5,010.00$4,921.00
University-Owned Fraternity Double*N/A$4,697.00
To Be Assigned (HDAN)**$4,473.00N/A


*For all questions pertaining to fraternity and sorority housing and/or rates for non-University-owned fraternities (Chi Phi and Phi Gamma Delta [Fiji]), please contact Fraternity & Sorority Affairs at 570-577-1638.

**In order to assist with financial planning, a charge for a housing assignment is placed on a student's account until a room has been assigned. This is typically applied at the end of April until the housing assignment has been made (typically early August) and pertains to students who did not obtain a room during room selection.

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