Summer Housing

Bucknell's campus is a home for students throughout the year, including during the summer months. Bucknell students may be approved to live on campus during the summer for a variety of reasons, including participation in Summer Session classes, self-directed undergraduate research or work in a professor's lab, and participation in NCAA Athletics activities. Campus housing also temporarily hosts additional guests during summer months, including participants in a variety of academic and sports camps.

For detailed information, please refer to the Summer Housing Guide.


To be eligible for summer housing, you must be a student at Bucknell University. You must also apply and be approved for summer housing.

Deadline and Application Information

The summer housing application can be found in myHOME. It is available from mid-March until early May.

Summer students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook's policies and procedures.

Summer students will be held accountable for the condition of their rooms at the time of checkout. Summer students are expected to leave their rooms clean and free of personal items and trash. A room left in an unacceptable condition will be subject to additional cleaning and/or damage fees. Fees incurred as a result of damage or excessive cleaning will be posted to the student's account.

Cost of Summer Housing

The cost of summer housing for 2024 is $175 per week (Sunday through Saturday).

Summer housing is charged by full weeks, regardless of whether or not a student will be moving in or out mid-week. A charge is applied for all the weeks that a student's belongings are occupying a summer housing assignment, regardless of whether or not the student is present (i.e., a charge remains if a student goes away for a week or weekend on vacation).

Charges for summer housing will be posted to the student's account. Billing and tax questions should be directed to the Bursar's Office (

Transition to Summer Housing

Summer students will not transition to their summer housing assignment until they receive notification from Housing Services.

  • Most summer students will remain in their spring housing assignment. On occasion, buildings undergoing renovations will need to be vacated. Students residing in those spaces will receive notification of the need to move to a temporary housing assignment prior to moving to summer housing.
  • Students are responsible for moving their belongings. The University does not provide moving assistance or carts.

Transition to Fall Housing

You may request to transition from summer housing to your fall housing assignment via the summer housing application found in myHOME. Only students who are approved through the application process will be permitted to transition to their fall housing assignment at the conclusion of the summer. Students will be notified within a week of their request if approved. If not approved, students are expected to depart campus and return their key by the date provided on their summer housing application.

Important Dates

May 13: Start of summer housing.

June 7: Moving process begins to apartment-style buildings. Students can begin the moving process once they receive notification from housing services.

July 15: Moving to fall housing begins. Only approved students will be permitted to move to their fall housing assignment. Moving can begin once students receive notification from Housing Services.

July 26: End of summer housing. Students who have not received approval to transition to fall housing must move out.

Accommodations and Location

Students who have approved accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Resources will receive notification about their summer housing assignment.

All summer housing locations are listed within the Summer Housing Guide.

  • Summer housing locations include traditional residence halls and apartment-style living.
  • Summer students who have fully applied by May 6 will participate in a room selection process for their summer housing assignment. Details about the process are found in the Summer Housing Guide.
  • Some summer spaces are not available until early June. In those situations, students would either remain in their spring housing assignment or be relocated temporarily.
  • In order to choose a space, the capacity of the space must be met. For example, a four-person apartment cannot be filled by three people.
  • Since there are many elements to the summer at Bucknell such as building renovations, Reunion, fall early arrivals, etc. students should anticipate moving more than once during the summer.