Larison Hall & Bucknell Cottage

Entrance to Larison Hall

Once the home of Bucknell's Female Institute, Larison Hall provides housing for primarily sophomores, juniors and seniors. Larison is located on the edge of campus, just minutes from Lewisburg's thriving downtown, and is connected on the west with Bucknell Cottage and on the south with John Howard Harris Hall. Together they accommodate 275 residents in a variety of room types.

Residence Details

  • Single room sizes are approximately 9 feet by 16 feet. Doubles are approximately 11 feet by 16 feet. Triples are 18 feet by 16 feet.
  • Closets are approximately 4.5 feet by 6.5 feet.
  • Each room includes a bed, desk, chair and dresser for each resident.
  • Dimensions of first, second and third-floor windows are 39.5 inches by 70 inches. Fourth-floor window dimensions are 32.5 inches by 53 inches.
  • Window screens are not provided by the University.
  • Larison Hall rooms are not air conditioned.
  • Bucknell Cottage rooms are air conditioned.


  • Lounge with TV and Roku.
  • Outdoor bike racks.



Empty double dorm inside Larison Hall
Double Empty dorm room
A view from inside a vacant dorm room
A vacant two student dorm room
Triple dorm room
Double Empty dorm room
Empty triple dorm room
Single dorm room
A computer room in the residence hall
Kitchen inside residence hall
Laundry room of a residence hall
Recreation room in residence hall with ping pong table
A residence hall study area
A recreational room inside a residence hall