May 22, 2021: Fran’s House Investigation Update

Dear Bucknellians,

I write with another update regarding the Fran's House incident of May 13. 

Information developed through the preliminary stages of the investigation indicates that a large group of students converged on the front lawn of Tower House, the residence of the Fran's House student affinity group. The residents asked the group to leave, and informed them that Public Safety had been called. At that time more than half of the group departed. The behavior of those who remained on site will be reviewed against the University's student code of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Based upon this and other information, these individuals have been informed that they are not permitted to participate in tomorrow's Commencement ceremonies. The Community Conduct Board will hear their cases and determine further appropriate sanctions, following the University's standard disciplinary procedures as described in the Student Handbook. Per our policy, no further details about these individuals or sanctions will be made public.

The investigation of the Public Safety response to the incident remains open, and appropriate information will be shared at a later date. 

My best,