Winter 2020


Class of 53 - Arizona

In May, Bette MacDonald Becker ’53 (right) traveled with daughter Jennifer to Tucson, Ariz., to attend the graduation of grandson Cameron LeBlanc (center) from the University of Arizona. They stayed at the home of Nancy Carter Whitney ’53 (left). Everyone enjoyed a great weekend celebrating graduation, Mother’s Day and Bette’s 88th birthday.

Class of 53 - Brad Myers

Bucknell Athletics Hall of Fame member Brad Myers ’53 was honored by the Los Angeles Rams during their August preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. He will celebrate his 90th birthday in February, making him one of the oldest living former Rams. He lives in Mākaha, Hawaii, with his wife, Nancy Smyth-Myers.

Alumni at Towson Homecoming

On Oct. 18, Bucknell alumni and friends joined the Bucknell Club of Baltimore to watch the Bison play the Tigers at Towson University’s Homecoming. From left: Pilar Hamilton, Gloria Jackson Hicks ’77, Stacy Ross ’80 and Lisa Babin ’78.

2002 christening

Ted Wilson ’02 and wife Katie had their third child, Polly, Nov. 8, 2018. Pictured at Polly’s christening are, from left, godparent Michaela Serventi Davis ’04, Ted, with Polly, Katie, Teddy, and Clark Wilson and godparent Erick Davis ’01.

Class of 2002

Crystal Mendez-Covington ’02 and husband Charles are pictured with son Charles IV “EJ,” born in 2016, and daughter, Carlisa “Carlie,” born in 2017. Crystal is an occupational therapist for children with special needs in an elementary school in Queens, N.Y.

Class of 2005

Pictured from left are Brian Raves ’05, John Bednarz ’05 and John Siwicki ’05 during their biennial tour of baseball stadiums. In 2019, the trio went to Houston and Arlington, Texas, after checking off stadiums in the Midwest and Rust Belt on previous road-trip adventures. The group has visited nearly 20 parks and is planning for Florida and California baseball tours.

Class of 2008 Wedding

In July, more than a dozen Bucknellians attended the wedding of Alena Beerman ’08 and Koldo Zúñiga in Getxo, Spain. Pictured are, back row from left, Kate Bender ’08, Jennie Trayes ’08, Katie Abbot ’08, Julia Rockwell ’08, Jenna Kotyk ’08, Jesse Nercessian ’08, Mike Needham ’08, Karen Chen Piuggi ’07, Ashlie Nawrocki ’08, and, front row from left, Doug Mackenzie ’08, Brittany Kaplan ’08, Alena, Nicolette Vielee ’08 and Victoria Gilbert ’08.

Fall 2019


Class of 1955

This photo of some members of the Class of ’55 was taken September 1951 by Betty Elliott Butler ’55. Pictured are the late Nan Thurnall Meyer ’55, Janet Lovett Bowen ’55, Ellie Mackie Pigman ’55, Bette Lerch Vasta ’55, the late Bobbie Moore Hutchinson ’55, Betsy Bice Knox ’55, Pat Mansfield Nixon ’55, Nancy Daddow Gemmell ’55, Ros Potts Piede ’55, Chris Hill Killough ’53, the late Barb Crothers Lake ’55 and Nat Duysters Henderson ’55.

Class of 64

At the Class of ’64’s 50th Reunion, Norm Kiken ’64 donated a three-liter bottle of Reverie Vineyard’s wine to be consumed at the 55th Reunion in 2019. Karen Abel Jones ’64 had possession of the bottle and brought it to Reunion. Pictured from left are: Karen, Norm, Bob Hull ’64 (with the bottle), Jeff Nemerov ’64 and wife Susan, and Dow Fenton Malnati ’64.

Class of 90

A 50th birthday celebration was organized by Jonathan Ingham ’90 in Bermuda for a number of Phi Psis. Pictured from left, standing: John Garafolo ’90, Andy Gale ’90, Brent Farmer ’90, Drew Delaney ’90, Adam Volanth ’90, George Holiat ’90, Greg Sommer ’90, Norman Wilde ’90, Andrew Tait ’90, Jim Grady ’90, John Lawton ’90 and Chuck Alavarez ’88; kneeling: Josh Trager ’90 (FIJI), Jon Ingham, Jim Miller ’90 and Scott Radcliffe ’88.

Class of 2013 Baseball Game

Pictured from left at the alumni outing to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp vs. Montgomery Biscuits baseball game are back row, Julianne Mammana ’13, Carolyn Yankowski Klimtzak ’00 and Eric Klimtzak; middle row, Jeff and Liz Pendleton Stoddard ’05 and Bill ’70 and Peggy Wilson Armstrong ’69, and front row, Ona Broussard and Lizzy Klimtzak.

Class of 2013 Hiking

A Bucknell hike at Jacksonville (Fla.) Arboretum and Gardens was led by Bill Armstrong ’70. Pictured from left are an unidentified couple, Gail Grunewald Arrowsmith ’71, David Leach ’70, Gail’s husband Roger ’71 and Bill and Peggy Wilson Armstrong ’69.

Class of 2013 on a Patio

The Northeast Florida group had its first NeighborHERD social at Black Sheep Restaurant. Pictured from left: Julianne Mammana ’13, Peggy Wilson Armstrong ’69 and husband Bill ’70, and David Leach ’70.

Class of 2013 at a restaurant

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