Bertrand Library with stars behind it at night

Cool Classes: Observational Astrophysics

January 17, 2019

by Matt Hughes

On a clear night, the stars above Bucknell's campus shine brightly enough to make anyone marvel, but they're especially awe-inspiring for students in the observational astrophysics class taught by Professor Katelyn Allers, physics & astronomy. Those students spend nights throughout the semester taking a closer look at stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae using the telescopes and other equipment in Bucknell's Observatory, where the roof slides away to reveal a panoramic view of the heavens. As the novice stargazers — the course is open to students from all majors — collect and analyze data about the objects they've seen, they are guided and mentored by Allers, an accomplished astronomer who has actually discovered a new planet. Peer into the deep with them in the video above.

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