Portrait of President John Bravman

President Bravman to Contribute Expertise to Council on Competitiveness

February 19, 2024

by Matt Jones

President John C. Bravman in the Holmes Hall atrium. Photo by Emily Paine, Communications

Bucknell President John Bravman has been invited to join the Council on Competitiveness, a national nonprofit organization that unites business, academic, government and labor leaders to develop a nonpartisan agenda that enhances the economic competitiveness and productivity of the United States.

"The Council on Competitiveness recognizes the critical role of higher education in meeting the challenges and needs of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving economic landscape," says Bravman. "I am passionate about the enduring value of the liberal arts as a foundation for professional success and honored to share this perspective as a member of the council. This distinguished group represents a wide variety of public and private sector interests with a common goal, and I look forward to gaining new insight that will help inform how Bucknell prepares future generations of leaders."

The council has a general membership of roughly 80 academic and business leaders, and maintains partnerships with universities, corporations and national labs throughout the country. Bravman's reputation as a highly respected academic and one of the longest-serving presidents at Bucknell, an institution that has a rich tradition in the liberal arts while embracing a forward-thinking culture of innovation, positions him as a leader who can bring unique value to the council.

Academic institutions function as important spaces for advancing research, creating new technologies and cultivating the talent that will constitute the workforce of the 21st century.

Under the council's University Leadership Forum program, university presidents have joined forces to ensure that colleges and universities continue to play a significant role in fostering the kind of innovation that allows the U.S. to maintain its competitive edge on the global stage.

The council's flagship initiative, the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers, focuses on sustaining and promoting innovation to encourage long-term productivity and promote inclusive prosperity that prioritizes sustainable and socially responsible development.

Other keystone programs include the Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative and the Alliance for Transformational Computing, which guide tech-based innovation and advocate for the ethical implementation of computational technologies to drive economic innovation and enhance national security.