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(Re-air) Episode 18: College Housing: What You Need to Know Before Applying

June 19, 2023

College is more than a place to learn, meet interesting people and grow. For most students, it's also where you'll live — perhaps for four years of your life.

Young people who may be accustomed to living in their own room at home will suddenly be sharing a room (and bathroom) with others.

That fact makes finding the right housing fit just as important as finding the right academic fit. So how do you do it?

In this episode of College Admissions Insider, we'll swing those doors wide open. Our guests are Stephen Apanel, Bucknell's Director of Housing Services, and Ashley Hubler, Bucknell's Assistant Director of Housing Services.

Listen as we discuss the benefits of off-campus and on-campus housing, specialty housing options like Affinity Houses, and roommate selection.

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Episode 18 Transcript