As you complete your financial aid materials, we suggest that you keep copies of all documents in your own file at home. Please understand that you are responsible for the filing and submission of all documents and adhering to our deadlines in order to be considered for need-based aid. We will try to remind you, but in the end, the responsibility is entirely yours. If you do not file the CSS PROFILE on time, we cannot guarantee that any aid can be awarded to you.

Here's a summary of the steps involved in applying for aid at Bucknell University:

  1. Complete the 2019-20 CSS PROFILE
  2. Complete the Bucknell University Non-Custodial Parent's Form, if applicable
    After you have been admitted to the Class of 2023:
  3. Complete the 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  4. Submit Tax Returns and Verification Documents
  5. Complete Federal Direct Loan requirements, if applicable
  6. Complete the Student Disclosure/Named Scholarship Form


  • Complete the CSS PROFILE on-line at (PROFILE 2019-20).
  • November 15 deadline for Early Decision I.
  • January 15 deadline for Regular Decision and Early Decision II.
  • Bucknell's CSS PROFILE code is 2050.
  • We require the CSS PROFILE if you would like to apply for Bucknell need-based financial aid.
  • Please be sure to complete the CSS PROFILE by our deadlines. If you do not complete it until later, we cannot guarantee the availability of Bucknell aid.
  • You will need to report income for the calendar year 2017.
  • The CSS PROFILE has its own fee waiver process built-in as you file the form. If you qualify, the CSS system will let you know. If your family has low income but you do not qualify for the automatic CSS fee waiver, please contact Bucknell's Office of Financial Aid so that we can review your information to determine if you qualify for one of the fee waivers that we have purchased for this purpose.

STEP 2: Bucknell University Non-Custodial Parent's Form

  • The non-custodial parent must complete the Bucknell University Non-Custodial Parent's Form (pdf) if biological parents are separated/divorced.
  • November 15 deadline for Early Decision I.
  • January 15 deadline for Regular Decision and Early Decision II.


If you have not been admitted to the Class of 2023, you do not need to go further at this time. If you have been admitted and plan to enroll, then you will also need to complete the following by May 2019.

STEP 3: 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Submit by May 1, 2019 for Bucknell.
  • Complete the FAFSA application on-line at
  • The FAFSA information will not change your eligibility for Bucknell need-based financial aid, but it is a required federal form for federal financial aid programs.
  • Bucknell's FAFSA code is 003238.
  • When you complete the FAFSA, we highly recommend that you utilize IRS Data Retrieval, which will populate certain FAFSA items with the numbers that you reported to the IRS on your 2017 federal tax return. This process pulls information directly from the IRS, so manual entry errors are eliminated.
  • Due to security measures that the federal government has put in place to protect your confidential information from identity theft/fraud, when you utilize IRS Data Retrieval, the retrieved IRS data will be masked so you will not be able to see it. Instead, you will see, "Transferred from the IRS."
  • If you choose not to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval option, then you will need to manually complete the FAFSA information yourself, using your 2017 tax return information. If you elect to do this, we highly recommend that you request a tax transcript for 2017 immediately so that you will have it in case it is needed for verification purposes. (Please know that manually entering your FAFSA data may result in errors that need to be corrected, which could delay disbursement of aid in the fall. Ordering a tax transcript later may also cause delays, as it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the IRS to send it to you.)
  • Please be aware that we will not download the FAFSA information into our system until late March.
  • For the Class of 2023, the FAFSA is available to submit on or after October 1. The FAFSA will collect income information from 2017.

STEP 4: Tax Returns and Verification Documents

  • Submit to Bucknell's Office of Financial Aid by May 5, 2019.
  • Clearly write the student's name, social security number, Bucknell ID number and Class of 2023 on all pages. (If your entire financial aid package consists ONLY of the Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan, please do not send tax and verification documents until we list them as requirements for you in myBucknell, as we may not need them.)
    • Signed copy of first 2 pages and schedules A, B, C, D and K (if filed) of parents' FEDERAL 2017 income tax return. (Do NOT send state or local returns.) If no return was required to be filed, please indicate such on the 2019-20 Bucknell University Financial Aid Data Form. If your parents did work but did not file a tax return, please send us copies of all W-2 forms for 2017. In addition, please understand that the financial aid file will not be complete, nor can we verify or disburse aid, until you have submitted a copy of the actual tax return to our office after you have filed it with the IRS.
    • Copies of all parents' 2017 W-2 forms
    • Completed and signed 2019-20 Bucknell University Financial Aid Data Form, located in your booklet you receive with your award information.

STEP 5: Federal Direct Loan

If you plan to borrow your Federal Direct Loan, please complete the requirements below on-line at We suggest you complete these after May 15.

  • Entrance Counseling
  • Master Promissory Note (MPN) — a legal Federal document in which you promise to repay your loans and any accrued interest and fees.

    The Entrance Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) sessions each take about 30 minutes to complete, and results will be sent to Bucknell electronically. The Promissory Note *must* be completed in one session, so be sure to give yourself enough time before you begin.

    To access these sessions, go to, navigate to the box "Manage My Direct Loan" and sign in. Then click "Complete Entrance Counseling" or "Complete Master Promissory Note" and work through each session.
  • If you wish to decline the loan, please indicate such on the Bucknell University Financial Aid Data Form.

STEP 6: Student Disclosure/Named Scholarship Form

After you receive your myBucknell login information:

  • Student Disclosure/Named Scholarship Form

    You will not be able to complete this form until you have received your Bucknell University username and password (PIN) number in late May.

    After receiving your username and password (PIN), log in to myBucknell, click the Banner Web Quick Link on the left side of the screen, click on the "FinAid" tab, and then click on "Student Disclosure/Named Scholarship Form." When the Welcome page appears, click the "Continue" button. Note: This is not an application for additional aid; rather, we will use the information you provide to connect your existing aid to named scholarships provided by our generous donors.

    NOTE: This form will be available after May 1. Please complete and submit the form by June 30.

Additional Information

If your financial aid package includes Federal Work Study, and you wish to work:

Please refer to Student Employment.

If your parents would like to apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan:

Please refer to Loans.

Transfer Financial Aid Applicants

Transfer students must also complete and submit the same financial aid application materials as first-year applicants. You will receive information when Bucknell receives your application for admission. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee institutional financial aid to transfer applicants, as our funds are limited.

International Financial Aid Applicants

Please visit the following link for more information: International Students: Paying for Bucknell

We're here to help.

We wish you success in your college selection process and encourage you to contact our office at 570.577.1331 or if you have questions. We will be happy to assist you!