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We know that each family situation is unique, and we consider each case individually.

Bucknell uses information from both the federal and institutional methodologies to calculate your eligibility for federal, state and Bucknell aid programs.

The Department of Education has cautioned financial aid offices to be extremely careful when speaking to or meeting with families regarding financial aid, as we are charged with protecting your confidential data. Therefore, if you should contact Bucknell's Office of Financial Aid, please know that we will need to authenticate your identity using a number of items before we may discuss any confidential financial aid information.

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At the Office of Financial Aid, we welcome your questions throughout your financial aid journey with Bucknell.

Determining Financial Aid Eligibility

We use information from the CSS Profile, FAFSA and federal income taxes to determine your family contribution and create your aid package.

Please keep in mind that Bucknell's methodology is different from the federal Student Aid Index (SAI) from the FAFSA, as that federal SAI is calculated by the Department of Education and is only used to determine eligibility for federal aid. We are not able to meet a student's federal need level, but we try to award as much financial aid as possible with a combination of grants, scholarships, loans and work study from all of the federal, state and institutional aid programs that we offer. (If you are not eligible for need-based aid, you may still borrow an unsubsidized federal direct loan since it is not need-based.)

Please be aware that if your family's income increases or the number of children in college decreases, your Bucknell Need-based Grant will decrease.


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