Current Students Apply for Aid

Bucknell students must reapply for aid each year during their time at Bucknell. Deadline to reapply is March 15.

You'll apply for need-based aid each year at Bucknell. During the fall semester, we'll send you and your family helpful information on how to apply for aid for the following academic year.

Whether your financial aid eligibility has changed or you expect to receive the same aid package as last year, don't hesitate to reach out to the Office of Financial Aid with any questions you might have. 

Contact us at 570-577-1331 or

Current Students: Re-apply for Aid for the Following Academic Year

Submit all documents by mail, fax or by uploading them by March 15.

You can monitor any missing documents by reviewing the Financial Aid features of Banner Web through myBucknell.

Because of the large volume of mail we receive during the processing season, it may take several days before we have entered your documents into Banner. When monitoring Banner Web, please be sure to allow several days for both mail time and data entry. Students who have completed their financial aid files on time will receive emails in mid-June instructing them how to view their financial aid packages on Banner Web.

Late applicants whose files are not complete by May 1 will receive a reduction to their Bucknell Need-Based Grant.


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