What is Human Geography?

Human geography, a social science, seeks to understand the cultural, economic, and political processes that create and reproduce the built environments and social worlds in which we live.

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What is Physical Geography?

Physical geography, a natural science, focuses on the natural processes that interact to create the biophysical environments we depend upon.

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What is Environmental Geography?

Environmental Geography, which lies at the intersection of the physical and human worlds, includes topics such as resources, hazards and human impacts on the environment.

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Facilities & Resources

Geography students have access to lab and field facilities, including computerized geographic information systems laboratory facilities, an environmental science laboratory, and a nearby 45-acre nature site. Central Pennsylvania offers some of the finest field sites in the East - small towns, forests, strip mines, rivers and wetlands.

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Immigration, fashion, prisons, climate change, poverty, discrimination, disease, war, peace – anything that happens on Earth is fair game for geographers.

Geographers are devoted to thinking spatially about people, environments, and relations between them. Our overriding concern is with space and the various ways in which it matters. 

As both a social and a natural science, the geography major provides a strong background in the discipline and a substantial foundation for a liberal arts education. Students who major in geography develop a fuller understanding of our world through critical thinking, problem solving, writing, mapping, public speaking, information literacy and teamwork, using methods that range from ethnography and archival research to field and laboratory work, and tools such as GIS (advanced computer mapping).

Geography graduates are prepared for careers or graduate study in the environmental and resource fields, international affairs, urban and regional planning, government, business and marketing, journalism, law, healthcare, public service, teaching and a host of other fields.

Did You Know?

Students can focus on human, physical or environmental geography or choose a combination of courses.

Our geography program encourages in-depth, interdisciplinary and critical views of how people's activities in political, economic, social and cultural dimensions create environments and are influenced by them.

Close ties with other departments and programs allow students to pursue complementary studies in such fields as economics, political science, sociology, environmental studies, women’s and gender studies and international relations. Many geography students choose to double major.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet all of our faculty

Ben Marsh


Ben Marsh

"What are the sets of events that created this? What are the impacts and implications for the people who live there? And how do we make the world better for people based on this knowledge? For me, that's what geography does."

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Paul Susman


Paul Susman

"The question I'm concerned with is what affects the well-being of people in a particular place. I'm most concerned with people who are the most marginalized or disenfranchised, who are the poorest."

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Hands-on Experience

Outside the Classroom

Study Abroad

Students often spend a semester or year abroad in their specific region of interest, such as Europe, Africa, East Asia or Latin America, Bucknell in Nicaragua, Bucknell in Northern Ireland and Guatemala.


Undergraduate Research

Beginning in their first year, geography students frequently work with faculty on special research projects, which help them develop their analytical and research skills.



Geography students have opportunities for internships with local planning offices, the Soil Conservation Service and other agencies. Students often obtain summer internships through Bucknell's McKenna Environmental Internship Program or in planning and environmental agencies nationwide.

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