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Bucknell Researchers, Advocates, and Investigators in Neuroscience (BRAIN Club) is a club dedicated to students whose interests lay in the study of neuroscience and/or psychology and the pursuit of further knowledge on these topics.

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Animal behavior labs: Bucknell houses four species of primates, rats, and hamsters, and invertebrates such as honey bees.

Animal behavior labs: Bucknell houses four species of primates, rats, and hamsters, and invertebrates such as honey bees.

Peter Judge

professor of psychology and animal behavior

Peter Judge

"For our students to get hands-on experience in a facility like this is invaluable."

With five hamadryas baboons, three lion-tailed macaques, 16 brown capuchins and 10 squirrel monkeys, the primate labs at Bucknell are part of an animal behavior program unique to the undergraduate level.

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Technically, neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, but at Bucknell, it’s so much more than that — here, it’s a vibrant, interdisciplinary study.

Students can study the brain and behavior in both humans and non-humans on the molecular and cellular levels. Our partnership with Geisinger Medical Center gives you opportunities to work with physicians to understand conditions like autism or to improve emergency medical devices. Our neuroscience graduates go on to medical school and other careers in neuroscience, biology, animal behavior and psychology.

Did You Know?

The neuroscience major offers the degree of Bachelor of Science. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in research with faculty, volunteer in laboratories, or work through independent studies and honors theses.

Faculty research interests include perception, cognition, and psychopathology in humans, learning, and molecular, chemical, cellular, and genetic mechanisms of behavior.

Facilities include cell and molecular wet labs and EEG. Other human behavioral laboratories include those for studies in infant language acquisition, vision and memory. For animal research, Bucknell houses four species of primates, rats, and mice, as well as invertebrates such as fruit flies and honey bees, to study vision, music perception, hormones and behavior.

The BS major in neuroscience requires 12 basic and 5 advanced courses.

We offer numerous other facilities housed across the campus in psychology, biology, chemistry, and animal behavior. In addition to our outstanding on-campus facilities, some faculty research sites are located in interesting places around the globe, including Hawaii and Panama.

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Judith Grisel


Judith Grisel

"My favorite thing is to be in the lab, trying to uncover neural mechanisms of behavior with students, and sharing my appreciation for the complex interactions between brain and behavior."

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Hands-On Experience



Internships provide real-world professional experience and networking benefits. Recently, neuroscience students have interned at Massachusetts General Hospital, Orthodontic Partners, The Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program, Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston. See a list of internship opportunities.

beyond bucknell

Study Abroad

At Bucknell, neuroscience majors can enhance their studies by spending a summer, semester or year abroad through one of Bucknell's own "in" programs or through one of many approved programs around the world. Recently, neuroscience majors have studied in New Zealand and United Kingdom.


Undergraduate Research

With many opportunities for undergraduate research, students develop a solid foundation in scientific research at Bucknell. Many students conduct work of sufficient quality to result in publication in peer-reviewed professional journals. See a list of recent student publications.


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