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Bucknell University's neuroscience major combines the expertise of our top-tier psychology, biology and animal behavior programs. Explore how the brain and nervous system affect appetite, the cognition of music and more. Connect with your professors in small classes and independent research projects. Work with real doctors to understand conditions like autism at Geisinger Medical Center or interact with four species of monkey in our animal behavior labs. These and other hands-on experiences will set you apart in the job market, whether you're planning to attend medical or graduate school or preparing for a career in neuroscience, biology, psychology, animal behavior or research.

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Support for Real-world Neuroscience Research

Bucknell University neuroscience majors do real research that generates real interest from the academic and professional communities. They explore new frontiers of behavior and cognition and make new discoveries that the world wants to know about. The Neuroscience Program offers financial support for students to share those discoveries. Once per year, we will provide financial assistance to students presenting their research at off-campus academic conferences. Reimbursement awards to offset registration fees and travel, accommodation and meal expenses are available for up to:

  • $800 to attend a conference as the first/presenting author of a presentation.
  • $400 to attend a conference as a named co-author (may be raised in exceptional cases).

For information about how to make a request, contact the Neuroscience Program director.

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