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Bucknell psychology majors gain more than outstanding classroom instruction. Students will have opportunities to conduct faculty-guided research in our animal lab, study abnormal psychology at Danville State Psychiatric Hospital or work with children at our on-site child care center. There are opportunities to collaborate with students from across disciplines in our Pediatric Behavioral Health Laboratory or learn from inmates at a local correctional institution. Our students have secured jobs with organizations ranging from the Child Mind Institute to Amazon and the Peace Corps. Many of our graduates work as psychologists, but the critical thinking, scientific reasoning and writing skills you'll gain will prepare you for many diverse career paths.

Degree Programs

Bucknell offers a bachelor of arts in psychology as well as minors in either neuropsychology or cognitive and perceptual sciences. Undergraduates may also be interested in the related neuroscience or animal behavior major and a master of science in psychology is available for graduate students.

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Deepen your Education Through Research

Our faculty members are all active scholars who seek out and involve undergraduate students to make valuable contributions to their research. From as early as their second year on campus, psychology student researchers take advantage of powerful resources like our Animal Behavior Laboratory and community institutions like Danville State Psychiatric Hospital to examine real issues and make a real impact. Get started by learning about our faculty and contacting a professor whose research interests you.

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Get a Jump-start on Your Research

Emerging Behavioral Scientists Fellowships offer early opportunities for transformative research-based experiences in psychology. These $1,000 fellowships support students who spend at least one month on campus during the summer doing research with a faculty mentor. They are typically awarded to students entering their second or third year at Bucknell, with preference given to students who are just beginning their research experiences. Additional support is also available for eight- and 10-week research experiences.

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Related Majors: Neuroscience and Animal Behavior

The neuroscience major adds a focus on biology and chemistry to psychology coursework to examine how the brain and nervous system interact with behavior.

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The animal behavior major blends psychology and biology to examine animal life from a variety of perspectives, including ecological, evolutionary and physiological dimensions.

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