Departmental Research Programs

Engaging in hands-on student research and scholarship is an integral component of many Bucknell majors and the highlight of the undergraduate experience for many students. Funding for students of any major to conduct independent or faculty-guided research is available through opportunities such as the Program for Undergraduate Research and the Emerging Scholars Summer Research, Scholarship & Creativity Program. Many departments also offer additional funding for students majoring in or pursuing research in their fields.

If you’re interested in doing research but don’t know what area you’re interested in, you should speak to your professors about their research programs or read about faculty research interests. Most commonly, student projects are planned in consultation with faculty members and fall within that professor’s expertise. This allows the student to benefit from the specialized knowledge and skills of the faculty.

Opportunities Include:

  • Working on eight- to 10-week summer research projects, either including free on-campus housing and a living stipend or conducted without funding for course credit.

  • Conducting an independent research project during the academic year.
  • Assisting a faculty member’s research project during the academic year or the summer.

Details about departments offering research funding for undergraduate students are below. Contact the departments for more details.

Departmental Research Programs

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