Emerging Scholars Summer Research, Scholarship & Creativity Program


The Emerging Scholars Summer Research, Scholarship & Creativity Program supports students in the early exploration of their research and scholarly interests. The program develops students’ research skills by connecting them with a faculty mentor or mentors. This program differs from other summer research grant programs at Bucknell, such as the Program for Undergraduate Research, that call for detailed project proposals outlining structured research projects. Instead, Emerging Scholars are expected to pursue exploratory, conceptual and applied research, scholarship or creative projects. Emerging scholars will receive a living stipend of $3,000 as well as on-campus housing for the duration of their research project over the summer.


Successful applicants are expected to work on their scholarship on a full-time basis, 30 hours or more a week (with the understanding that this amount will necessarily vary based on the project), for at least eight weeks, preferably 10 weeks, over the summer under the close mentorship of a Bucknell faculty member. Scholars will also participate in weekly scholarly and professional development workshops that will meet over much of the summer.


The application is in two parts. One should be written by the student, the other by the faculty mentor. Each part is submitted separately, though the faculty mentor should review the student’s portion. The application must include a clearly defined set of goals for the proposed scholarship that are achievable within a period of eight to 10 weeks during the summer months. Both the student’s and faculty mentor’s parts should evidence a close intellectual collaboration between the student and the faculty mentor.  

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2020



Gretchen Fegley, Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Summer Session