Would you like to ...

  • participate in a research project as part of a structured class environment?
  • discover a new bacteriophage (virus) that no one has ever seen before?
  • get hands-on experience with molecular biology and bioinformatics?

Bucknell University has been awarded a Science Education Alliance grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to create a hands-on research opportunity for sophomores. This new course is part of a national experiment in both research and education that will result in a significant contribution to the broader field of phage genomics. Students will participate in two research courses in molecular genetics and genomics that offer authentic research experiences.

In these two courses, students will:

  1. Isolate bacterial viruses from local soil samples
  2. Prepare the virus for electron microscopy
  3. Prepare vial DNA for sequencing
  4. Finish and annotate the viral genome
  5. Submit the finished genome to the National Center for Bioinformatics/Genbank
  6. Collaborate with other institutions in the SEA network

Phage Hunters FAQ

See the Phage Hunters FAQ for additional information and answers to questions like "What's a phage?" and "How do I apply?"