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Joel T. Wade

"I investigate mate selection criteria, mate attraction methods, mate expulsion, reactions to infidelity, relationship initiation and love acts from an evolutionary theory perspective. I also investigate beauty related halo effects."

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Jamie Risdal '19

psychology and linguistics

Spotlight: Jamie Risdal '19

"Adding my psychology major seemed like a great way to substantiate my linguistics studies. The two majors overlap in the psycholinguistics context, but linguistics also crops up in psychology in more sporadic ways."

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A Brief History of the Department of Psychology

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Seminar Series

This series brings students, faculty, and the Bucknell community together to discuss research in progress and hear talks by visiting scientists. It is sponsored by the Psychology Department and the University Lectureship Committee. All interested members of the community are welcome to attend. Pizza is served at the noon talks.

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Investigate the causes of autism in children. Study social cues among capuchin monkeys. Or learn about positive psychology alongside inmates at a women’s prison.

By studying psychology at Bucknell, you’ll gain real-world experience in the field and in the lab and challenge you to learn why people and other animals do what they do, and feel what they feel. 

Bucknell's psychology program emphasizes research and collaboration between faculty and students. You'll get a broad education in traditional areas of psychological experimentation and theory, along with opportunities for more advanced studies of topics that appeal to you.

A significant number of psychology majors become psychologists, delivering clinical services or teaching and doing research at other colleges and universities. However, the careers entered by former majors are extremely varied, ranging from human resources specialists to legal consultants.


Did You Know?

Psychology majors learn critical thinking, scientific reasoning, writing and quantitative analysis.

Students grow to understand and conduct studies of the mind and behavior of a variety of species from multiple theoretical and practical perspectives.

Students enrolled in developmental psychology courses gain hands-on experience and can conduct research with children aged six weeks to six years at the on-site Sunflower Child Care Center.

Abnormal psychology courses allow students to interact informally with patients at Danville State Psychiatric Hospital. Some students conduct research at the hospital. This experience increases understanding of psychiatric illness and the sometimes fuzzy boundary between normal and abnormal behaviors.

The animal lab facility supports student research in animal behavior. Students can conduct projects using honeybees, and several species of primates, including Hamadryas baboons, macaques and capuchins. Research also is conducted using golden hamsters and rats.

We also offer a full-time, two-year program in general-experimental psychology that leads to a Master in Science degree. Our program is small and selective; we accept 2-3 students per year.

Faculty Spotlight

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Jennie Stevenson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Jennie Stevenson

"I want students to feel confident in their ability to figure out information and learn on their own. The more they practice that, the more ready they are to be successful as learners, scientists and professionals."

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Hands-on Experience

Study Abroad

Make the World Your Campus

Psychology students often choose to spend a summer, semester or year abroad. Recently, students in the program have studied in: South Africa, Barbados, and Prague.

Undergraduate Research

Earn a Spot at the Kalman Research Symposium

Bucknell students can collaborate with faculty on research within many areas of psychology, including those of animal behavior, development, developmental or adult psychopathology, human cognition, learning, neuroscience, personality, sensation and perception and social psychology.


Real-World Experience

Psychology students can gain career experience through summer internships. Recently, students have interned at Brown Brothers Harriman, KidTherapy, and The National Ability Center. In addition, students enrolled in developmental psychology courses gain hands-on experience and can conduct research with children at the Sunflower Child Care Center. See a list of summer internships.


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