A database created by students for students to be used as a resource for finding summer internships, research opportunities, and funding in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.


Settings: large research university, lab, hospital, government agencies
Activities: working as a research assistant under a professor, coding variables, using SPSS, recruiting participants for studies, “cleaning” data, editing materials for publication, collecting and analyzing data, filing paperwork, making IRB runs, scoring assessments

At Bucknell:

  1. Program for Undergraduate Research
  2. Emerging Scholars in Psychology
  3. Bucknell Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM)
  4. Getting Started in Research

At non-Bucknell institutions:

  1. AMGEN Scholars Program; multiple sites
    In the USA: Abroad:
  2. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE); multiple sites
  3. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Pediatric Injury Prevention Internship
  4. Lehigh Valley Summer Research Scholar Program
  5. NYU Center for Neural Science
  6. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
  7. Boston University Undergraduate Summer Program in Neuroscience
  8. NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates
  9. Colorado State University Summer Program on Mind and Brain Research
  10. University of Maryland Summer Research Institute
  11. UVA Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science Summer Research Program
  12. Yale University School of Management
  13. Bargh Lab Internship at Yale University
  14. University of Wisconsin-Madison Psychology Research Experience Program
  15. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Summer Internship
  16. Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
  17. UCLA Brain Research Institute Summer Undergrad Research Experience
  18. Indiana University Summer Research Experience for Undergrads in Animal Behavior
  19. The Ohio State University Science of Language Research Internship (REU)
  20. Boston University Summer Internship Program
  21. Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program at Vanderbilt
  22. Psychology Labs at Penn State (need to email faculty advisor)
  23. 2017 Child Welfare Policy Internship
  24. SPAM Lab at NYU Summer Internship
  25. St. Lawrence Summer Internship postings
  26. Research internship at MGH
  27. SPUR (Social and Personality Psychology)
  28. Summer Research in Social Psychology at the University of Oregon
  29. SPUR at Amherst College
  30. Research in Diversity and Inclusion at Columbia University
  31. Research Opportunities at the University of Illinois
  32. Summer Research Initiative (SRI) at the University of Maryland
  33. PREP at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  34. Summer volunteer research opportunities at Williams College
  35. UC San Diego summer research opportunities for undergraduates
  36. Summer volunteer research at Tufts University

Clinical Work

Settings: summer camp for kids or adolescents with cognitive, intellectual, or developmental impairments, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, call centers, state hospitals, community centers
Activities: leading group activities or therapy at a camp, helping therapists organize sessions, observing clinical interviews, shadowing a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist, taking notes at treatment team meetings

  1. Clinical Student Research Internship at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  2. Mount Sinai Volunteer Internship at the Eating and Weight Disorders Program
  3. Project HEAL
  4. UNC Center for Excellence in Eating Disorders Summer Internship
  5. Sloan-Kettering Center Summer Internship Program
  6. Pace University Counseling Center Summer Internship Program
  7. Child Mind Institute Summer Internship Program
  8. National Institute of Health Clinical Center
  9. Operation Groundswell Summer Volunteering Program
  10. Wediko Summer Internship Programs
  11. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Summer Internship
  12. The Family Institute at Northwestern University
  13. The Johns Hopkins University Lab for Child Development
  14. Adam’s Camp
  15. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital ADHD Clinic
  16. The Quad Manhattan psycho-social internship
  17. Davidson College Broughton Hospital Summer Program
  18. Columbia University and NYSPI Child Pediatric Epidemiology Group
  19. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Summer Internships
  20. Internships Abroad in Psychology and Social Science
  21. Camp Ramapo
  22. Florida International Summer Treatment Program Internship
  23. Cleveland Clinic ADHD Center for Evaluation and Treatment Internship
  24. Judge Baker Children’s Center Summer Internship in Counseling
  25. Round Lake Camp Counselor Internship
  26. Baylor College of Medicine SMART Summer Research Program
  27. Psychology Internship for College Students at Advanced Therapeutic Solutions
  28. Child Development Intern at TechMission
  29. Behavioral Health Clinical Intern
  30. Outdoor Education Instructor at Swift Nature Camp
  31. Child Labor Policy Intern
  32. Youth Activity Summer Intern
  33. Boys and Girls Club Trainee/Intern
  34. Camp Akeela

Opportunities Abroad

  1. Summer Psychology Internships Abroad


Secured an unpaid internship or research opportunities? Here are some sources for funding that can help cover the cost of living during the time of your internship.

  1. APA Summer Undergrad Psychology Research Experience Grants
  2. Boston University Summer Undergrad Research Fellowships
  3. Bucknell BPIP program
  4. Bucknell PUR
  5. Bucknell Psychology Department Summer Internship Stipend
  6. APA Summer Research Grants

Other Resources at Bucknell

  1. Career Development Center
  2. The Writing Center
  3. The Bucknell Honors Program (if considering a senior honors thesis)