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Bucknell is one of just a few universities in the country with a major river bordering campus.

We make the most of our proximity to the majestic Susquehanna River through innovative initiatives like the Watershed Sciences & Engineering Program.

By taking the classroom outdoors, Bucknell connects people to the river and builds upon our existing strengths in science and engineering. Faculty, staff and students partner with local, state and federal organizations on watershed research, stewardship and conservation projects.

Together, we're working to imagine — and move toward — a more sustainable Susquehanna; a place that’s better for farmers, residents and the environment.

About the Program

The goal of the Watershed Sciences & Engineering Program is to help Bucknell achieve national distinction in science and engineering by incorporating the Susquehanna River watershed as a teaching and research laboratory.

We integrate water and the river into the curriculum and across academic disciplines to enrich our intellectual environment and act as a catalyst for environmental and cultural progress in the Susquehanna region and beyond.

Our Methods

  • Teaching: Field-intensive, watershed-based courses developed by our faculty take the classroom outdoors. These include courses in stream restoration, watershed systems science and Bucknell's connection to the Susquehanna.
  • Research: Our students and faculty study river health, native and invasive plants, flood mitigation and much more.
  • Susquehanna River Symposium: Held every fall since 2006, this event connects scientists and engineers from throughout the Susquehanna River region to focus on issues regarding the watershed.
  • Service: Students, faculty and staff engage in volunteer work to help return the Susquehanna River to its previous glory.

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