Annual Lecture and Performance Series

Each academic year, the Griot Institute offers the Bucknell community an event series that focuses on a question or issue of concern central to Africana studies.

An academic course is offered to students in conjunction with the series, which seeks to explore and examine the various questions of concern to Africana studies interdisciplinarily in terms of their historical and contemporary resonance and significance. The series interrogates these questions from multiple disciplinary perspectives and employs the expertise and artistry of guest lecturers and performers in order to navigate their intellectual nuances and moral and ethical dimensions.

Most events are followed by a question-and-answer session and a book signing by the guest lecturer or artist. The series is open to the University community and the general public.

Griot Spring Series 2020

Black Radical Thought & Art — Multidisciplinarily Considered

The Griot 2020 spring series will explore aspects of black radical thought as a continuing presence in the historical and contemporary discourse(s) on "racism." At the turn of the last century, historian, sociologist and activist W.E.B. Du Bois wrote in a now all-too-familiar quote that "the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line." Du Bois' identification of systemic racism as the most significant issue of the last century was not only prescient, but also describes the racial realities of the current century. Many black thinkers and artists have considered and wrestled with "racism" and how to address it.

One constellation of thought is often referred to as black radical thought. The iterations of this Griot series, being offered in conjunction with the Program in Africana Studies and the Department of English, will reflect on the meanings, significances and impacts of this ever-expanding and multifarious realm of thought in confronting the intractable presence of racism in and as the American project.

The Griot Spring Series is supported by the generous assistance of the University Lectureship Committee and is co-sponsored by the Bucknell Humanities Center.

Recent Lecture and Performance Series Events

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