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GRIOT: A central figure in many West African cultures. Historically, the griot held many functions, including community historian, cultural critic, indigenous artist and collective spokesperson. The Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives & Cultures provides faculty, staff and student intellectual and creative engagement with the interdisciplinary investigation of the cultures, histories, narratives, peoples, geographies and arts of Africa and the African diaspora.

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Our Staff

Cymone Fourshey is the Carmen Gillespie Director of the Griot Institute. The Griot Institute Advisory Committee consists of faculty, staff and students who help to guide the Griot's narrative.

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Carmen Gillespie

Carmen Gillespie

Many of us in the Bucknell community were deeply affected by the loss of Carmen Gillespie, professor of English and founder and director of the Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives & Cultures. The outpouring of emotion on campus and beyond is a direct reflection of Carmen's impact on her colleagues and students.

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