Carmen Gillespie

Carmen Gillespie

"the sun in september'' from The Blue Black Wet of Wood

by Carmen Gillespie

Surrender to this sun,
so late, so warm,
and know that my leaves,
also green and peak.

They muddle forth,
in stretch and yearn
growing lush
as we under the quiet trace
of this lovely
and unlonely light.

Portrait of Carmen Gillespie smiling and sitting on a couch

Photo used with the permission of Bill Cardoni

Many of us in the Bucknell community were deeply affected by the loss of Carmen Gillespie, professor of English and director of the Griot Institute for the Study of Black Lives & Cultures. The outpouring of emotion on campus and beyond is a direct reflection of Carmen's impact on her colleagues and students. A celebration of Carmen's life was held on Sept. 28, 2019. Moving forward, The Griot Institute Director is known as The Carmen Gillespie Director of The Griot Institute.

Carmen's Books

Toni Morrison: Forty Years in The Clearing (The Griot Project Book Series)

The Blue Black Wet of Wood

Critical Companion to Toni Morrison: A Literary Reference to Her Life And Work (Critical Companion)

The Ghosts of Monticello: A Recitatif

Jonestown: A Vexation

Critical Companion to Alice Walker: A Literary Reference to Her Life and Work (Critical Companion)