Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about the Writing Center

How can the Writing Center help me?
By engaging in conversation with you about your project, listening to you read your draft aloud or helping you brainstorm ideas, a writing consultant can help you put your thoughts into words and get a sense of whether your words convey the meaning you intend.

Who can use the Writing Center?
Writers from across the University community, including students, faculty and staff seek feedback from Writing Center consultants.

Is there a fee for using the Writing Center?
No. All Writing Center services are free for members of the Bucknell community.

English is not my first language. Can the Writing Center help me?
Yes. By engaging you in conversation about a class, an assignment, or a draft, Writing Center consultants offer people who are learning English a comfortable, non-judgmental environment in which to practice and refine speaking and writing skills. Consultants are familiar with common areas in which English poses problems for non-native speakers and can help you learn to recognize and address these aspects of your own writing.

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