Biophysics Program

Bachelor of Science

Professor JiaJia Dong talking to a student about an optical tweezer

In Bucknell's biophysics major, you'll uncover a unique perspective on the living world by connecting fundamental physics principles with biological processes.

You'll take on questions inspired by the complexity of living organisms and be guided by experts in fields like condensed-matter physics and chaos theory. In project-based courses and small project teams, you'll use the most modern experimental tools, like optical tweezers that manipulate microscopic objects using lasers.

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Prepared for Success

As a biophysics major, you'll gain the same preparation for medical school as you would in a biology or chemistry program, including Bucknell's own top programs in these fields.

These are skills that can be applied to a career in biophysics, or jobs in a wide range of fields from biomedical engineering and medical physics to education, law and business.

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Biophysics Program


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