Arabic & Arab World Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Arabic Studies

Gain an edge in a vast variety of fields by learning to speak, listen, read and write in Arabic — a language in critical global demand.

Distinguish yourself in fields including diplomacy, intelligence, engineering, business and international development.

Bucknell's program includes both Modern Standard Arabic and Spoken Arabic (colloquial Levantine dialects). Your faculty will bring cultural context alive with authentic materials such as Arabic newspapers and magazines, songs and videos, Middle Eastern cuisine and video conferences with native speakers.

The program is designed to get you speaking the language as quickly as possible — by the end of the first year, your classes will be conducted almost entirely in Arabic.

Minor in Arabic Studies

The Arabic studies minor consists of five interdisciplinary courses. For assistance with class sequencing, contact:

Professor Martin Isleem, director of the Arabic Studies Program

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Study Abroad

Immerse Yourself in the Language

Arabic Studies program offers a three-week summer study abroad program in Amman, Jordan. For more information, please visit our Bucknell in Amman page or contact the director of the program, Professor Martin Isleem, at

Arabic Club

The Arabic Club provides a shared space for similar interests for Arabs and non-Arabs in Bucknell's community. We want to bridge the gap between different cultures. All are welcome!

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Portrait of Allure Cooper '23 leaning on wall

[Studying another tongue] opens up your world to be able to communicate with people and consume news and entertainment in more than one language. Being able to speak with someone in their native language and making them feel understood is really important to me.

Allure Cooper ’23, Arabic & Arab world studies major

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Arabic & Arab World Studies