French & Francophone Studies

Bachelor of Arts

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Major in French, one of the world's most influential languages, and learn to communicate persuasively, think critically and engage with global society — skills needed for career success.

Explore the literatures, cultures and societies of France, Francophone Africa, Quebec and the Caribbean, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Gain cross-cultural awareness by studying French through cultural artifacts (literature, music, cinema and the visual arts) and social practices (history, gastronomy, business and politics).

Learn how historical and sociocultural contexts inform gender, class and race relations within French-speaking societies. And join our study abroad program in Tours, France.

Recent graduates hold jobs in international organizations, design, investment banking, marketing and pharmaceuticals, and pursue advanced degrees in fields from statistics to education.

Culminating Experience

All French majors complete a culminating experience, which consists of a culminating exercise (an honors thesis or participation in a senior research colloquium) and a French & Francophone studies portfolio of coursework.

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Language Placement Exam

Whether you intend to continue a language you studied in high school or wish to explore a new one, an online placement test is required to enroll in language courses. Your exam score and academic record will inform the final placement decision. We recommend that all students with past language experience take the placement test as early as possible. First-year students will be automatically directed to the exam during course registration. Sophomores, juniors and seniors should contact the academic department prior to course registration.

Language placement exam

Pont Wilson on the Loire in Tours, France

Journey to the Heart of France

Study Abroad

Founded in 1987, Bucknell en France provides an opportunity for all Bucknell students, regardless of major, to enrich their Bucknell education by studying in France for a year or a semester.

The program is located in Tours, a prosperous and culturally rich city of 280,000 people situated in the very heart of France, 150 miles southwest of Paris in the Loire Valley. It is administered by the Bucknell University French faculty in cooperation with the Université François Rabelais in Tours.

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Nouvelles de Bucknell Newsletter

The French & Francophone Studies newsletter, Nouvelles de Bucknell, is filled with interviews, photos and excerpts to give you a firsthand look at the latest news. We publish a newsletter every semester not only to keep our colleagues, friends and family updated but also to testify about the overwhelmingly positive effect that studying French can have on an individual's life. Current Bucknell students, faculty and alumni alike all share a passion for this foreign language and culture. This newsletter is designed to celebrate it in a fun and enjoyable way.

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