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Deepen your connection to Bucknell by uncovering opportunities to connect with fellow alumni. Join an international trip, attend a virtual lecture and learn more about the Bucknell Legacy Program.

These resources prove that the perks of being a Bucknellian continue long after you graduate.

Download the Alumni App

Networking with the Bucknell community has never been easier! Connect with Bucknellians worldwide with this alumni directory. Find our app in the App Store and on Google Play.

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Experience Bucknell 360º

Bring your learning full circle. Attend educational sessions offered online and in-person. Learn from Bucknell faculty and alumni covering a wide range of popular topics from career paths to biodiversity to the art of flirting.

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Volunteer With Us

Each year, more than 1,000 Bucknellians lend their time and talent to build a stronger Bucknell. Our community relies on volunteers to bring Bucknellians together, share University news and advocate for resources to keep the University thriving.

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Get Exclusive Discounts, Products & Services

Bucknell alumni benefit from discounts and perks thanks to partnerships between the Bucknell University Alumni Association and the service providers listed here.

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Explore the Legacy Program

Descendants of Bucknell alumni have access to special programs and events throughout the year, including admissions workshops.

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Check Out Your Library Resources

Bertrand Library provides links to paid databases and journals for Bucknell alumni.

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Travel the World With Fellow Bucknellians

Bucknell offers travel experiences worldwide to members of the Bucknell family: alumni, parents and friends. Learn about new cultures and stay connected with other Bucknellians.

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Advance Your Career

Bucknell Career Connect allows you to both re-connect with old classmates and use the trusted Bucknell University environment to expand your professional network. Learn more about how to move your career forward with Alumni Career Services at Bucknell.

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There are three easy ways to keep your contact information up to date:

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