Help Hire the Herd

Hire the Herd

Bucknellians don't shy away from questions that don't have answers, or problems that don't have obvious solutions. Now more than ever our current students are poised to find those answers and discover those solutions. Even amid uncertainty, they're eager to explore their futures and get involved in careers and experiences that make an impact. In these challenging times we look to the strength of the Bucknell network to support the future. 

Will you help hire the herd in this critical time? 

Here are three ways you can:

  1. Hire the Class of 2020 into jobs and internships. 
  2. Create a short-term virtual internship or micro (project based) internship opportunity this summer.
  3. Share your career knowledge, industry experience and advice with students through virtual career programs.

If you are willing to help in any or all of the ways above, simply complete this form.

If you have questions, please contact

By helping to hire the herd you can be a part of the continued success of Bucknellians, and together we'll invent a brighter future for us all.

Support for Alumni

We understand the Class of 2020 is not the only group in need of help right now. Bucknell graduates from many classes are struggling as organizations announce layoffs and cut salaries.  Through our Alumni Career Services program, alumni can access free and confidential career counseling.

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Bucknell alumni can also help one another through these turbulent times by joining BucknellConnect, a private online community where you can post and find job opportunities, make career connections through the alumni directory and make yourself available, virtually, to help alumni and students in need of career support.