Internship Opportunities

Internships are about more than building experience; they're where you can experiment and discover the career that's right for you.

As you set forth on your career path, Bucknell has experts and resources to help guide you.

We help our students explore their futures with internships both on campus and around the country, including options that give you hands-on working experience, networking and class credit.

When our students graduate from Bucknell, they enter the workforce not only prepared to succeed, but confident about the direction they've chosen.

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Bucknell Internship Programs

Bucknell Public Interest Program Internship Fund

The Bucknell Public Interest Program provides scholarships to students who have secured unpaid internships in the nonprofit and public service sectors.

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Campus Theatre Internship

The Film/Media Studies Program offers students the opportunity to learn about historic and contemporary film exhibition while earning class credit. The internship, based at the historic Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg, focuses on film and digital cinema projection. This experience is valuable for students looking to pursue a career in film and media production.

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Capitol Hill Internship Program

The Capitol Hill Internship Program provides internship opportunities in Washington, D.C., or local Congressional districts for students who are interested in learning more about the Legislative Branch.

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Cynthia Fell Internship at the Bucknell University Press

The Bucknell University Press offers students the opportunity to learn the business of scholarly publishing with the Cynthia Fell Internship. This yearlong internship teaches students important aspects of the publishing world while putting them in charge of creating two original projects, in addition to work such as designing content and evaluating manuscripts.

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Executive Intern Program

The Bucknell Executive Intern Program enables students to contribute to the success of the University by interning in executive offices on campus. Interns will sharpen their professional and interpersonal skills, work closely with senior staff and major University stakeholders, and build relationships between the administration and the student body.

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McKenna Summer Environmental Fellowship

The Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation Summer Environmental Fellowship is a University-wide program that supports students conducting environmental research, primarily but not exclusively with a focus on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

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Shepherd Poverty Internship Program

The Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty combines academic programs with service opportunities to provide assistance to disadvantaged communities. Shepherd interns work with nonprofit and government-funded agencies in a variety of human service sectors throughout the United States.

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West Branch Internship

West Branch magazine offers a semester-long internship giving students who wish to pursue a career in writing or publishing the chance to gain relevant experience for their future. Housed at the Stadler Center for Poetry, West Branch publishes poetry, fiction, essays and reviews three times per year.

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Course Credit for Internships

It is possible for students to obtain credit for unpaid internships, either for .25 credits or 1.0 credits. Paid internships are not typically eligible for course credit. Earning credit for an internship requires advance planning and approval. In the case of a 1.0 credit internship, you must also work with a faculty adviser to devise an academic component for your internship, typically a journal, culminating paper or both. There are also fees associated with internships resulting in course credit.

To learn more about your options, please contact the dean's office of your college.


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