Center of Excellence for Engineering Innovation

Bucknell’s SBDC is recognized as a statewide Center of Excellence for Engineering Innovation by the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers.

Bucknell's SBDC provides specialized innovation, engineering, and concept development services to small businesses in partnership with Bucknell's College of Engineering. We have access to resources and technology such as computer-aided design (CAD) software, engineering laboratories and 3D printing.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the SBDC that serves your county in Pennsylvania, and engage a business consultant for assistance in assessing the market for your product, and developing a plan for how you will bring it to your customers.

When your business is at the right stage to benefit from innovation and engineering services, your business consultant will guide you through our referral form.

1. Desirability / Viability / Feasibility

This framework is a solid foundation for the start of a product or service. Each of these areas is essential to the success of the project. One or two of them will not be enough.

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2. Product Development Phases

If you think you have your arms around the "desirability" framework, these are ways to think about the next steps.

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3. Class-based & Grant-funded Projects

We can support an engineering project with individual students. There are two more ways for Bucknell to help you achieve your engineering projects:

  1. A capstone project undertaken by a class of seniors.
  2. Grant funding for product development is available through programs such as the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership and the Manufacturing PA Innovation Program.

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4. Licensing Your Idea

If you have an invention and would like to create income by licensing it, we have some suggestions for you.

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Engineering Innovation Projects

Runlites, a woman wearing a glove with lights

Wearable safety lights

SBDC - Vargo Titanium cup over burner

Vargo Outdoors:
Titanium wood stove


Harmony Turbines:
Vertical axis wind turbine

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