Volunteer or Host a Student

Our alumni know about the doors a Bucknell education can open. As an alumnus, parent or friend of Bucknell, you can play a direct and important role in opening those doors for a new generation of Bucknell students. 

Whether you have an job, internship or externship opportunity to share or want to educate young people about your career and industry, we can connect you with an incredible group of talented, passionate and dedicated students.

Speak to Bucknell Students About Your Career

We are seeking alumni and parents who will serve as panelists on career panels, speak to students at Bucknell events and facilitate job search and career conversations at Bucknell.

If you're willing to share your expertise, please contact us and let us know which industries and career experiences you feel comfortable addressing.

Email us at career@bucknell.edu.

Serve as an Alumni or Parent Career Volunteer

Share insights about your career, company or industry with fellow Bucknellians by agreeing to be contacted for job-search advice and taking part in career education and networking programs in your area.

Alumni: Indicate your interest in being an alumni career volunteer by signing in to BucknellConnect and keeping the "willing to help" boxes checked in your alumni profile.

Parents: Complete the parent volunteer survey to let us know how you'd like to volunteer.

Share Job and Internship Opportunities With Bucknell Students or Alumni

Want to help other Bucknellians find a great job or career? Let us know if you have opportunities — we will post them for you!

Internships and Jobs for Students

To share a job or internship opportunity for current students, list your opportunity on the Bridge. This job search site for Bucknell students is password-protected, so you'll know you're giving an inside tip exclusively to Bucknellians. You can also provide special instructions to the students who will apply. You may follow up with candidates at your convenience, or even schedule an interview on campus. 

Post your job on the Bridge 

You can also email us at employers@bucknell.edu to request that your job description and contact information be posted on the Bridge.

Non-profit, Government or Public Service Internships

If you work with a non-profit, government or public-interest organization, get involved with the Bucknell Public Interest Program (BPIP). This program offers financial support for students who take on unpaid internships in the nonprofit and public service sectors during the summer.

We seek help from alumni both in sharing internship opportunities that may qualify for a BPIP stipend as well as in reviewing applications from students and selecting qualified candidates.

Learn more about BPIP

Externships (Job Shadowing) for Students

Are you interested in hosting a one- or two-day job-shadowing experience? Complete our externship sponsor form to indicate your willingness to offer short-term externship to sophomore students during winter break.

You can also email us at career@bucknell.edu to offer a spot or learn more.

Jobs for Alumni

Alumni: Please go directly to our BucknellConnect page and join the community by signing in with your LinkedIn account. Once on the home page, select the Job Board tab at the top of the page. From there, you can select Post a New Job and follow the directions.

Others: Please email your job description and contact information to acs@bucknell.edu and we will post it on our BucknellConnect page for you.

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