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At Bucknell University, we ensure that no otherwise qualified students are excluded from or denied the benefits of the Bucknell experience. The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) provides direct support services to all eligible students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments (ADA, 1990; ADAAA, 2008) as well as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973).

The OAR is committed to promoting awareness and access, and it acts as a resource to faculty and the campus community. The OAR works in collaboration with all departments of the University on accessibility-related matters and to assist students to maximize their independence and develop self-advocacy. The OAR arranges, facilitates and/or coordinates necessary accommodations and academic adjustments to meet individual students' needs.

The OAR uses an online case management system called Accommodate. If a student becomes registered with the OAR, they can access their Accommodate portal at any time for any and all accommodation navigation.

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Registration Process

Students must register with the OAR to receive accommodations.

Register with the OAR

Academic Accommodations

The OAR director works with students to meet their specific academic needs, including academic/classroom accommodations, testing accommodations, use of the OAR Testing Center, note-taking accommodation and alternative format for printed materials.

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Dining Accommodations

It can be challenging to dine with dietary needs and allergy concerns. A student with a dietary need or an allergy concern will need to work closely with Bucknell Dining Services and/or our registered dietician.

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Housing Accommodations

Bucknell recognizes that some students may require exceptions to its housing assignments as a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability.

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Temporary Impairment Accommodations

Bucknell provides a wide variety of services to students with temporary, documented disabilities.

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Service & Emotional Support Animals

Bucknell University recognizes the importance of service animals and emotional support animals to individuals with disabilities.

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