Service & Emotional Support Animals

Bucknell recognizes the importance of service and emotional support animals to individuals with disabilities and has established policies to govern the presence of service and emotional support animals on campus.

The University prohibits pets and other animals in University housing. The policies below provide mechanisms for an individual with a disability to seek reasonable accommodation to that prohibition. If you are an individual with a disability and have a service animal or emotional support animal, please see the relevant policy below. Please do not request an emotional support animal accommodation if you are not an individual with a mental health disability.

The University may amend these policies at any time, with or without prior notice, so please check this site for the most up-to-date policy. Please note that you must request and be approved for an emotional support animal prior to bringing it to campus. Please be aware that a diagnosis in and of itself does not automatically qualify you for an emotional support animal.

Note: Exotic animals or those animals that pose a disease threat to humans will not be allowed on campus.

Service Animal Policy

Emotional Support Animal Policy

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