Air Conditioning Policy

Bucknell will reasonably accommodate qualified students with disabilities who may require air conditioning in residential housing, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Request Process

Before requesting air conditioning, students should review the housing accommodation application procedure, complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form and upload supporting documentation.

For questions, please contact:
Office of Accessibility Resources

Request Deadlines

All accommodation requests and supporting information should be submitted prior to the following deadlines:

  • First-year students: Before June 1

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors: Before March 1

  • Transfer students and students returning from a leave:

    • Fall: Before July 1

    • Spring: Before Dec. 1

Approvals are determined on a case-by-case basis by the director of the Office of Accessibility Resources. Approvals are dependent upon documentation received, the severity of illness and room availability.

Please Note: This policy provides a mechanism for an individual with a respiratory or other health disability to be approved for the housing accommodation of an air conditioner. Please do not request air conditioning as a disability accommodation if you are not an individual with a respiratory or other health disability. Physician notes on a prescription pad or letters such as "Please provide air conditioner for my patient due to allergies" will not be accepted as sufficiently documenting a need for a substantially limiting impairment.

Requests After Deadline

Students can submit documentation at any time; however, approved requests received after the above listed priority deadlines will be met based on room availability. Housing Services will make every effort to place a student who is registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources for the disability accommodation of an air conditioner in an air- conditioned space. The OAR will notify Housing Services and Facilities of the approval for air conditioning. Students who request air conditioning after the indicated deadline are not guaranteed placement in an air-conditioned space.

Contact Details

Office of Accessibility Resources


107 Carnegie Building