First-year Common Reading

The First-year Common Reading selection for Bucknell's Class of 2023 was Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Station Eleven Book Cover

Station Eleven grapples with many of today's big issues, including sustainability, health, law and nationality.

Writer Sigrid Nunez, commenting on the novel's themes, says, "Survival may indeed be insufficient, but does it follow that our love of art can save us? If Station Eleven reveals little insight into the effects of extreme terror and misery on humanity, it offers comfort and hope to those who believe, or want to believe, that doomsday can be survived, that in spite of everything people will remain good at heart, and that when they start building a new world they will want what was best about the old."

The Class of 2023 received their books in a summer mailing.

During New Student Orientation, first-year students had the opportunity to meet in small groups with other members of the Class of 2023 to discuss the book with professors, staff and upper-class students.