Nutrition at Bucknell

Eating healthy in college impacts your well-being, daily life and studies. Bucknell's registered dietitians are experts in the field and can provide guidance as students make the transition from home to campus, from continent to continent or on and off the playing field. 

Our Services

Bucknell Nutrition services offers students a wide variety of programs that educate and help students maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Partnership for a Healthy America Healthier Campus Initiative

Bucknell is a member of the Healthier Campus Initiative, a Partnership for a Healthy America effort to make campuses healthier by adopting guidelines around food and nutrition, physical activity and programming. 

Healthy Paths Initiative

The Healthy Paths Initiative provides coordinated care and support to help students to achieve optimal physical and psychological health. Professionals from multiple disciplines, including medicine, psychological counseling, dietetics, exercise physiology and health education work together to address each student's physical health, current nutritional needs, regular exercise routine and psychological and personal well-being.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Our Medical Nutrition Therapy program helps students manage their health and medical conditions through nutritional intervention. Nutrition therapy is the science of proper diet, lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrition intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies, promote optimal health and prevent, manage or correct medical problems. Complementary nutrition therapy optimizes nutritional health in order to enhance medical care and treatment. 

Bucknell Nutrition Initiative Program

The Bucknell Nutrition Initiative Program promotes and encourages nutrition awareness through nutrition programming, including health fairs, taste tests, food demos and health promotion through social media. Club members will work closely with Bucknell registered dietitians, Dining Services and the Division of Student Affairs to link nutrition education to healthy practices on Bucknell’s campus. 

Bucknell Student Health


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