Campus Policy Against Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products

Bucknell University is committed to community health and wellness, and strives to provide a campus environment where all students and employees can thrive. As part of this commitment to public health, the University on Aug. 1, 2024, will enact a new policy that prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products in all campus facilities and on all campus property. To access the new policy, please visit our policies page (login required).

We encourage all students and employees who smoke or use tobacco or other products that will be prohibited to make a transition plan so that they are prepared to comply on Aug. 1. To support your efforts to reduce or eliminate your use of these substances, the University provides multiple smoking-cessation resources — please see the information below.

Why is the University enacting this new policy?

The move to ban smoking and tobacco use supports individual and community health and wellness, and brings Bucknell into line with current practices of many higher education institutions. By promoting better health for our student body and workforce, as well as a cleaner campus environment, the new policy also supports the sustainability pillar of The Plan for Bucknell 2025.

Who is impacted by the policy?

All students, employees and campus visitors will be required to follow the new policy when it is enacted on Aug. 1. We encourage those who use substances prohibited by the policy to plan now for this transition.

Offices that host events on campus for individuals who are not Bucknell employees or students are asked to make guests aware of the policy.

Which parts of campus are affected?

The policy prohibits smoking and use of tobacco and other listed substances/products in the following areas: campus buildings, including but not limited to residence halls; academic, administrative and auxiliary buildings; athletics complexes and facilities; sidewalks, green spaces, parking lots and roadways; and inside all University-owned vehicles. Exceptions to the policy include the Bucknell Golf Course and the interiors of personally owned vehicles.

Which types of products will be prohibited?

In general, the policy prohibits cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic smoking devices, vape pens and hookahs, and tobacco products such as dip, snuff or chewing tobacco. It also prohibits products that contain nicotine that are not approved by the USFDA as cessation products for treating nicotine or tobacco dependence (such as Zyn pouches).

Are there any exceptions to the policy?

Exceptions will be made in situations where smoking or tobacco use is:

  • Part of an educational objective with prior approval of the dean of the college responsible for the academic program
  • Part of a research project related to tobacco products upon approval of the dean of the college responsible for the academic program
  • Part of a theatrical or other performance that requires smoking as part of the artistic production with prior approval of the dean of the college responsible for the academic program or the dean of students
  • Inside privately owned vehicles, if the windows are closed and materials are properly disposed of

How will this policy be enforced?

Bucknell is a community that cares for the greater good and one another. We trust that Bucknellians will recognize the value of a smoke- and tobacco-free campus, and hope that they will encourage their colleagues and peers to adhere to the policy beginning on Aug. 1. If you see an employee, student or visitor who is smoking or using tobacco or other prohibited products on campus property, you may wish to remind them of the new policy. You have the option to report persistent refusal to stop smoking or using other prohibited substances to Human Resources or the Dean of Students.

What resources does Bucknell offer to help employees and students reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco products?

  • Bucknell faculty, staff and students may request a free Tobacco Quit Kit by filling out and submitting this form (login required).
  • Students may call Bucknell Student Health at 570-577-1401 for information about current programs.
  • Employees may contact for help with quitting.

Where else can faculty, staff and students get help to quit tobacco?

The following organizations offer many cessation resources:

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Talent, Culture & Human Resources

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Bucknell Student Health


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