Crime Prevention Information

Although the incidence of serious crime at Bucknell is low, Public Safety encourages all members of the University community to learn good crime prevention habits. Familiarize yourself with the information below to understand how to both report an incident and adopt safety techniques.

To Report an Incident

Report all suspected crimes and suspicious incidents or persons to Public Safety. Public Safety staff are trained to check all situations in a diplomatic manner. Your confidentiality will be observed if you request it.

Public Safety emergency phone number: 570-577-1111
Public Safety non-emergency phone number: 570-577-3333

Residence Security

Always lock your doors and windows in your room, apartment or house. The majority of thefts on campus occur in unlocked residence hall rooms. Hide cash and valuables in an out-of-the-way location known only to you. Obtain renters insurance to insure yourself against property losses.

If you encounter a trespasser, theft, damage or other incident in your campus or off-campus residence, immediately call Public Safety at 570-577-1111 or local police by dialing 911.

Public Safety staff are available to conduct security surveys for staff and students at their on- and off-campus offices and residences and offer advice about how to best secure residences and offices.

Automobile Security

Always lock your vehicle. Never leave the keys in it or leave it running unattended. It is best not store valuable items in your vehicle, but if you must, lock these items in the trunk.

Keep an extra automobile identification (registration) card in a location other than your vehicle. When departing your vehicle, always lock the door. When returning to your vehicle, have your keys ready, observe any unusual activity near the vehicle, enter and lock your door immediately.

Bicycle Security

If you bring a bicycle to campus, Public Safety urges you to register your bicycle by visiting the Public Safety headquarters at 580 Snake Road or filling out our online registration form. Registration helps us to locate missing or stolen bicycles and return them to their owners.

To act as a deterrent against theft, secure your bicycle with a heavy-duty chain and padlock or U-type bar lock (with a thickness of at least 1/4 inch) to a bike rack or immovable object. Wrap the chain around the bike frame and tires, if possible. Record your bicycle serial number and file a copy with Public Safety.

Learn more about bicycles on campus

Walking at Night

When traveling at night, travel in a group or use Public Safety’s free safe escort service. Stay on well lit, frequently used streets and plan your travel. Avoid shortcuts and isolated areas.

Bucknell has many easy-to-find emergency callboxes at locations across campus. They are marked by blue lights. Picking up an emergency telephone will immediately connect you to a Public Safety dispatcher. Note their locations when you see them and never hesitate to use them in an emergency or if you suspect someone may be following you.

If you suspect someone may be following you, look at the person so the person knows you are alert and aware of their presence. Be alert to your surroundings at all times and act confident. If you are followed, change directions, go to the nearest store, or knock on the nearest house door and request someone call the police or Public Safety. Note a description of the person following you. If you are approached or attacked, run away if necessary. If you are approached by someone intent on accosting you in your residence hall, pull the nearest fire alarm. Public Safety will understand that such an action was taken to protect yourself.

If an automobile is following you, change direction, look at the license plate number and remember it. Go to a store or the nearest house for assistance.

When walking or on a trip, place your cash, credit cards and valuables in a safe, hard to find location such as an inside pocket. Public Safety staff are available to assist you with planning your travel safely in new locations or cities with which you are not familiar.