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Public Safety is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus. In an effort to accomplish this goal we provide a variety of training materials, classes and seminars upon request. Topics include self-defense, event management, travel safety, identity-theft protection and theft from motor vehicles. Please fill out the presentation request form to request a presentation facilitated by an officer or member of Public Safety. 

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Self-Defense and Awareness Programs for Women

The following programs will be facilitated by officers or members of Public Safety for members of the Bucknell Community upon request, free of charge. Any campus club, organization or group of students, faculty and staff may request a class, although class size and scheduling limitations may apply. Contact Public Safety at for more details.

Self-Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange (S.A.F.E) Training

S.A.F.E. is a 2-hour educational awareness and crime-victim prevention program that provides teenage and adult women with information that may reduce their risk of exposure to violence and introduces them to physical self-defense. Teaching that “90 percent of self-defense is awareness, risk reduction and avoiding confrontation, and only 10 percent is physical,” the program focuses on both mental and physical preparedness. S.A.F.E. provides women with public safety-awareness information to incorporate into their everyday lives as well as realistic options for avoiding, escaping and surviving assaults if they do occur.

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