Sustainable Dining

Bucknell Dining Services is committed to providing a dining program that embraces the concept of sustainability. From sourcing to production, nutrition to waste management, our team strives to make an impact every day.

Sustainable Packaging

Bucknell Dining supports using environmentally friendly supplies, including:

  • Recycled, unbleached paper napkins
  • Paper straws only in all dining venues
  • "Tree free" sugar cane pulp plates in retail and catering
  • Recyclable plastic beverage bottles and aluminum cans
  • Replacing plastic with paper packaging at the Bison
  • Degradable plastic bags

Single Stream Recycling

All Bucknell University Dining locations offer containers for single stream recycling, a system in which all recyclable materials are placed, unsorted, into one recycling bin and sorted by processing equipment at a material recovery facility.

Recycling at Bucknell


Local, Sustainable & Humane Sourcing

Bucknell Dining uses purchasing guidelines that place heavy emphasis on locally sourced and sustainable products. We also believe in keeping as much money in our local economy as possible. Therefore, roughly 30% of our food and supply budget is spent locally. The following are examples of some of those partnerships.


  • Blue Ribbon Dairy: All milk and dairy products used on campus are purchased through Blue Ribbon Dairy, a company located in Pittston, Pa. Their products use RBGH-free milk from farms in the Lehigh and Central valleys.
  • Seasonal local produce: With partners from such vendors as Kegel's Produce, Miller's Greenhouses and Pocono Profoods, we are able to purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers when their items are in season.
  • Susquehanna Mills: Located in Montoursville, Pa., Susquehanna Mills provides all fryer oil used on campus. Not only is this a local purchase but the oil from Susquehanna Mills is part of a closed-loop system that converts waste oil to biodiesel.
  • Cage-free eggs: All of our shell eggs are from Kreider Farms in Lancaster, Pa., which is certified cage-free, American Humane.

  • Sustainable Fisheries: All seafood purchases are made in accordance with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch standards.
  • Direct and fair trade coffees: Several varieties of direct and fair trade coffees are available at all on-campus dining locations and through Bucknell Catering.
  • Plant-based menus: Several dining venues feature V2, a vegan entrée station.

The Bucknell Farm

In addition to the purchasing measures outlined above, Bucknell plans to increase it's local food sourcing by growing food right on campus. The 5-acre Bucknell Farm serves both an educational purpose and as a site to grow food for Dining Services.

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