Renewable Energy Scholars

Bucknell's Renewable Energy Scholars (RES) are a group of students, staff and faculty who seek to educate the University community and the public about the theories, principles and benefits of renewable energy technologies. RES present a speaker series through the academic year. Since 2015, faculty, students, staff and consultants associated with RES have collaborated to plan and design a living-learning laboratory for experimentation with renewable energy and complementary sustainable design features.

Faculty Advisers

To get involved in RES, please contact one of our faculty advisers.

Milton Newberry III, Renewable Energy Scholars coordinator/director
466 Olin Science Building

Professor Alan Marchiori, computer science
268 Breakiron Engineering Building

Professor Nate Siegel, mechanical engineering
224 Dana Engineering Building

Living Greenhouse

The Living Greenhouse dome

The Living Greenhouse, located near the Bucknell Farm, functions as a teaching and research tool for the integration of sustainable and renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal with sustainable design strategies like rainwater collection, sustainable food production and composting. The Living Building Challenge, one of the most rigorous standards in green building design and construction, has served as a set of guiding principles for the design of the building and site.

Past RES projects also include:

  • The installation of several solar arrays, which now serve as a power source for buildings on campus.
  • The installation of a solar thermal unit at the Bucknell West residence complex.
  • The installation of a 900-watt wind turbine near the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment.

Contact Details

Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment


Administrative Offices

Olin Science Building, 4th Floor

BCSE Field Station

835 Fraternity Road