Annual Student Awards

The outstanding achievements of students during the first, sophomore and junior years are recognized each fall semester during the Fall Student Awards ceremony, traditionally held during Family Weekend. 

Presented Sept. 28, 2019

The American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
Jiayi He '20

The Stephen A. Barowsky Prize
Brishti Mandal '20

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Leah Chrisbacher '20

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Lauren Nicole Ziolkowski '20

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Yuri Nobunaga '21

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin '21

The University Prize for Men
Ralph Alphonzo Corbelle Jr. '21

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Raven A. Truxson '22

The Eastern College Athletic Conference Merit Award
Rade Joksimovic '20

The Eastern College Athletic Conference Merit Award
Brittany Marie Willwerth '20

The George R. Faint Prize
Julia Christine Stevens '20

The Professor William T. Grier Prize
Madeleine Blanche Vore '22

The Jeffrey James Harold Prize
Devin Connor Whalen '22

The Professor George Morris Philips Prize
Ziang Qin '22

The President's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement
Julia Anne Buckingham '20
Ariana Danielle Majer '20
Lauren Elizabeth Perry '20
Christina Nicole Pierson '20
Sean Nichols Sacks '20
Emma Aubrey Smith '20
Ashley Rose Vecchio '20
Joshua Thomas Dunbrack '21
Jackson T. Ingram '21
Zhiying Liu '21
Richard Mottram '21
Zheyuan Peng '21
Anurag Jayant Vaidya '21
Brennan J. Yee '21
Lindsey Claire Zawistowski '21
McKenzie R. Zellers '21
Jonathan Andrew Basom '22
Emma Carley Battle '22
Robert Joseph Bohner III '22
Andrei Bucaloiu '22
Yida Chen '22
Michael Edward Dwyer '22
William Riley Ernst '22
Giuliana Christina Ferrara '22
Zachary J. Hartman '22
Oliver Albert Herndon '22
Derek William Knight '22
Joe Y. Lee '22
Rachel Theresa Milio '22
Lydia Frances Naughton '22
Patrick Michael O'Hara '22
Deeshani Patel '22
Zane David Patterson '22
Griffin Porter Perrault '22
Anh Minh Thi Phan '22
Nicole Christina Reddig '22
Lily Charlotte Shorney '22
Charlotte Elizabeth Simon '22
Hunter Douglas Thomas '22
Benjamin Garret Travis '22
Emily Steer Turner '22
John Richard Zardus '22

The Ralph A. Still and Anne B. Still Prize
Mary L. Marshall

The Charles F. White Memorial Prize for Scholar-Athletes
Matthew Thomas Thorsheim '21
Maura Marie Fiamoncini '21

The Yarnall Prize in Environmental Affairs
Kathryn Susanne Cantagallo '20

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize
Kareen George '22
Liana Shou Sinjean Irvine '20

See the current Course Catalog for descriptions of student prizes and academic awards.

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