Annual Student Awards

Traditionally, the outstanding achievements of students during the first, sophomore and junior years are recognized each fall semester at the Fall Student Awards ceremony held during Family Weekend. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this did not occur as usual.  Departments made connections with individual and small groups of students on their own.

Presented Fall 2020

The Stephen A. Barowsky Prize
Ruby Crystal Lee '21

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Madelene Dianne Margioni '21

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Kathleen M. Fedzer '22

The Bucknell Prize for Women
Riley Elizabeth DeBaecke '23

The University Prize for Men
Joshua Samuel Kohler '22

The Bucknell Prize for Men
Michael Conor Malarkey '23

The Eastern College Athletic Conference Merit Award
Matthew Thomas Thorsheim '21

The Eastern College Athletic Conference Merit Award
Alexandra Grace Furano '21

The George R. Faint Prize
Lydia Frances Naughton '21

The Professor William T. Grier Prize
Katherine Anne Chase '23

The Jeffrey James Harold Prize
Tyler Burns '23

The President's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement
Connor K. Judge '21
Zhiying Liu '21
Anurag Jayant Vaidya '21
Brennan J. Yee '21
Lindsey Claire Zawistowski '21
McKenzie R. Zellers '21
Jonathan Andrew Basom '22
Andrei Bucaloiu '22
Yida Chen '22
William Riley Ernst '22
Oliver Albert Herndon '22
Derek William Knight '22
Rachel Theresa Milio '22
Deeshani Patel '22
Zane David Patterson '22
Griffin Porter Perrault '22
Lily Charlotte Shorney '22
Charlotte Elizabeth Simon '22
Benjamin Garret Travis '22
Clare M. Bassano '23
Mia Lucianna Bellucci '23
Nathaniel Robert Bizzak '23
Junyang Cai '23
Juliette Barden Chandler '23
Shana Kerin Clapp '23
Allure Cooper '23
Anna Allegra Cristini '23
Isabella Rose Crotta '23
Meghan Ashley Curran '23
Paul Brian Danenberg '23
Haley Elizabeth Dickinson '23
Isabella Marie DiGiulio '23
Matthew Noah Feit '23
David Michael Fink '23
Caroline Julia Frank '23
Jennifer Jean Gill '23
Samuel John Gray '23
Olivia Pearl Greenberg '23
Graham Joseph Heckert '23
Geoffrey Robert Hewett '23
Colin James Horan '23
April Marie Hurlock '23
Lindsay Elise Kaul '23
Makenna Marie Luzenski '23
Kayla Nicole McElroy '23
Kelly Anne Moxhay '23
Trevor R. Mutolo '23
Lillian Gold Patterson '23
James Pronchick '23
Joanna Raup-Collado '23
Asta Susan Rustad '23
Madeleine Emma Sanders '23
William Michael Sands '23
Jennifer Darlene Scott '23
Lara Madeleine Shoenholz '23
Denay Williams Taylor '23

The Ralph A. Still and Anne B. Still Prize
Andrei Bucaloiu '22

The Charles F. White Memorial Prize for Scholar-Athletes
Zachary J. Hartman '22
Madison Rose Hartigan '22

The Yarnall Prize in Environmental Affairs
Jonathan David Hayes '21

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize
Sophia Marrie Donati '23
Grace Anne Ingebretsen '21
Yuri Nobunaga '21

See the current Course Catalog for descriptions of student prizes and academic awards.

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