Endowed & Named Chairs, Professorships & Fellowships

Endowed and named chairs, professorships and fellowships recognize outstanding teaching and research. They provide additional resources for professors and departments that enhance student learning and scholarship. See the current Course Catalog for descriptions of these endowed and named chairs, professorships and fellowships.

The David Burpee Chair in Plant Genetics 
Professor Christopher Martine, Department of Biology

The Claire W. Carlson Chair in Environmental Engineering 
Professor Matthew Higgins, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The John P. Crozer Chair of English Literature
Professor Elena Machado, Department of English

The Josephine Hildreth Detmer & Zareen Taj Mirza Professorship in Islamic Studies 
Assistant Professor Ali Karjoo-Ravary, Department of Religious Studies

The William H. Dunkak Chair in Finance in the Department of Business Management
Associate Professor Tom Geurts, Department of Accounting & Financial Management

The David & Patricia Ekedahl Professorship in Environmental Studies 
Professor Matthew McTammany, Department of Biology, Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences

The William C. & Gertrude B. Emmitt Memorial Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Professor Donna Ebenstein, Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Jane W. Griffith Faculty Fellowship 
(currently not eligible to be named)

The John Howard Harris Chair in Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy Matthew Slater, Department of Philosophy

The Heinemann Family Professorship in Engineering
Professor Wendelin Wright, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Holmes Professorship in Management
(not named)

The Samuel H. Kress Professorship of Art History 
Associate Professor Janice Mann, Department of Art & Art History

The Margaret Hollinshead Ley Professorship in Poetry & Creative Writing
Professor Robert Rosenberg, Department of English.

The Christian R. Lindback Chair in Business Administration
Professor Matt Bailey, Department of Analytics & Operations Management

The John D. MacArthur Chair
Assistant Professor Samuel Gutekunst, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics

The T. Jefferson Miers Chair in Electrical Engineering 
Professor R. Alan Cheville, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The National Endowment for the Humanities Chair in the Humanities 
Professor Eric Faden, Department of English
Associate Professor John Penniman, Department of Religious Studies
Associate Professor Jennifer Thomson, Department of History

The C. Graydon & Mary E. Rogers Faculty Fellowship
(currently not eligible to be named)

The Robert L. Rooke Chair in the Historical & Social Context of Engineering 
Associate Professor Ryan Snyder, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Robert L. Rooke Professorship in Engineering 
Professor Margot Vigeant, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Russell-Childers Professorship in the Laboratory Sciences
Professor Mark Haussmann, Department of Biology

The Howard I. Scott Endowment
Professor Janice Traflet, Department of Accounting & Financial Management

The Ruth Everett Sierzega Chair in Linguistics 
Assistant Professor Heidi Lorimor, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Silbermann Family Professorship in Modern Hebrew Language & Literature 
Associate Professor Or Rogovin, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Herbert L. Spencer Professorship in Biology 
Professor Le Paliulis, Department of Biology

The Swanson Fellowships in the Sciences & Engineering 
(currently not eligible to be named)

The John P. & Mary Jane Swanson Professorship in Engineering & the Sciences 
Associate Professor Stu Thompson, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The David Morton & Leanne Freas Trout Professorship of French & Francophone Studies
Associate Professor Renée Gosson, Department of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Charles P. Vaughan Chair in Economics 
Professor Jan Knoedler, Department of Economics

The David J. '85 & Deborah West Professorship in Management 
Professor Neil Boyd, Department of Management & Organizations

The Ellen P. & Samuel L. Williams Endowed Music Professorship Fund
Samuel L. Williams Professor in Music
Assistant Professor Ryan Malone, Department of Music
Ellen P. Williams Professor in Music
Associate Professor Emily Martin, Department of Music

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