Senior Prizes and Academic Awards

The accomplishments of our seniors are celebrated during Commencement Weekend at the President’s Senior Award Ceremony. 

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Class of 2021 Awards

The Agnes Archer Warren Award    

  • Jackson Tyler Ingram

The Allan Gates Halline Prize in American Literature    

  • Jessica Abbie Kaplan

The Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Prize    

  • Carly Lynn Masonheimer
  • Sarah Nicole Lynam
  • Yiran Lu

The Alvin F. Jackson Jr. '59 Memorial Scholar-Athlete Award    

  • Kaelyn Elizabeth Long
  • Richard Lewis Mottram

The American Chemical Society    

  • Madeleine G. Atwood

The Barbara Watson Grever Prize    

  • Matthew Christopher DiSanto

The Beta Gamma Sigma Prize    

  • Jillian Margaret Henderson 

The Bucknell Prize for Women    

  • Chavia Liu
  • Lily Nobunaga
  • Lindsey Zawistowski
  • McKenzie R. Zellers

The Bucknell Prize in Animal Behavior    

  • Sarah E. Knox

The Bucknell Prize in Anthropology    

  • Kaitlin Elizabeth McGrath

The Bucknell Prize in Biomedical Engineering  

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya

The Bucknell Prize in Cell Biology/Biochemistry    

  • Rachel Naomi Tavory

The Bucknell Prize in Comparative Humanities    

  • Mackenzie Alexandra Gross

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Engineering    

  • Ethan Dunne

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science    

  • Logan T. Stiles

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science and Engineering    

  • Josh Dunbrack

The Bucknell Prize in East Asian Studies    

  • Wendy Yam

The Bucknell Prize in Environmental Studies and Sciences    

  • Katarina Mei Lone Weemaes
  • Sarah Kathryn Croteau

The Bucknell Prize in Film/Media Studies    

  • Ana Kola

The Bucknell Prize in Finance    

  • Helen J. Fish

The Bucknell Prize in Geography    

  • Olivia Grace Zavrel

The Bucknell Prize in Global Management    

  • Parker Dawson

The Bucknell Prize in History    

  • Cynthia Denise Mendoza

The Bucknell Prize in International Relations    

  • Avery Arrington Blasko
  • Connor Lloyd McMenamin

The Bucknell Prize in Italian Studies    

  • Emily Christine Thomas
  • Stefan Christopher Toomey

The Bucknell Prize in Managing for Sustainability  

  • Amy Helen Yowell

The Bucknell Prize in Markets, Innovation & Design    

  • Julia Breen Knox

The Bucknell Prize in Music    

  • Campbell Christina Mason

The Bucknell Prize in Neuroscience    

  • Lydia Frances Naughton
  • William Edwin Snyder

The Bucknell Prize in Psychology    

  • Klaudia Izabela Kulawska
  • Matthew Christopher DiSanto

The Bucknell Prize in Sociology    

  • Shin Won Cho

The Bucknell Prize in Women's and Gender Studies    

  • Kristin Mary Smith

The Bucknell University Prize in Art History    

  • Audrey Leigh Washuta

The C. Willard Smith Award    

  • Brooke H. Echnat
  • Orli Maia Sarai Bernstein

The Carmen Gillespie Award for Arts Citizenship    

  • Jeniah K. Martin

The CBS/Sony Prize in Japanese Studies    

  • Nate S. Freed

The Charles Longley Prize in Political Science    

  • Connor K. Judge

The Class of 1905 Art Prize  

  • Audrey Leigh Washuta
  • Kalista Marie Kocinski

The David R. Crossgrove Prize    

  • Jasmine Lee Owens

The Dorothy Walls McCormick Prize    

  • Claire Elizabeth Martin

The Dr. E. Slifer Walls Prize    

  • McKenzie R. Zellers

The Eleanor D. Decker Prize for Women    

  • Lydia Frances Naughton

The Elizabeth M. Oliphant Prize    

  • Carly Lynn Masonheimer

The Ernest and Josephine Christensen Award    

  • Richard Lewis Mottram

The H. Boardman Hopper Prize    

  • Alisha 'Gryff' Griffin

The Harold W. Miller Prize  

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya
  • Gari Liu Eberly

The Helen E. Sprague Prize    

  • Joceline Ivette Atancuri Guaman
  • Nathaniel John Ware

The Herbert Goodman Barrows Prize    

  • Cole A. Gilotti
  •  Lourenço Marcos Martins

The Hugh F. McKeegan Prize    

  • Annie Grace Rozewski

The J. Orin Oliphant Graduation Prize    

  • Chavia Liu
  • Lindsey Zawistowski

The J. William Moore Prize    

  • Alicia Tamara Armstrong

The Jai B. Kim Prize in Civil and Environmental Engineering    

  • Cas L. Caswell V
  • Patricia T. Cupay

The James M. Pommersheim Research and Innovation in Engineering Award    

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya
  • Avery M. Rosh-Gorsky

The Jeannine C. Liutkus Prize    

  • Jessica Arielle Luis
  • Trashawna Denise Herbert

The John A. Walls Prize     

  • Justin R. Keller

The John R. Crossgrove Prize    

  • Abigail Lauren Kapp
  • David Jeremy Lundy
  • Katarina Mei Lone Weemaes
  • Helen J. Fish

The John T. Lowry Jr. Prize    

  • Chiara Genieve Evans
  • Jonathan David Hayes

The José Martí Award    

  • Elizabeth Alejandra Rojas

The Kenneth W. Freeman Leadership in Management Prize    

  • Ruby Crystal Lee

The Louis W. Robey Prize    

  • Aung Pyae Phyo
  • Ruby Crystal Lee

The Matthew B. Ridgway Jr. Award    

  • Zachary Mark Schaefer

The Meerwarth Prize for Anthropology in Action    

  • Ashley Hong

The Meerwarth Prize for Sociology in Action    

  • Kalista Marie Kocinski
  • Taylor Lane Oxley

The Michael D. LaGrega Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering    

  • Paige A. Gilliam

The Oliver J. Decker Prize    

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya
  • Brennan Yee
  • Chavia Liu
  • Lindsey Zawistowski
  • McKenzie R. Zellers

The Pennsylvania Institute of CPA Award    

  • Robert Alex Kinsman

The Phi Beta Kappa Award    

  • Gari Liu Eberly

The Phi Sigma Biological Society Award    

  • Alexander Michael Busato
  • Emily Jane Van Beek

The Pi Mu Epsilon Society Prize    

  • Yili Wang

The President's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement    

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya
  • Brennan Yee
  • Chavia Liu
  • McKenzie R. Zellers
  • Lindsey Zawistowski

The Professor George Allison Irland Prize    

  • Devon Pizzurro

The Richard P. Nickelsen Prize    

  • Samuel Robert Jacob

The Robert E. Slonaker, Jr. Memorial Award    

  • Ian Alexander Coates

The Robin Roberts Senior Award in Public Policy    

  • Anne Rebecca Maley

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize    

  • Colette Carson Sachs
  • Eleanora Sharon Kamerow

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize (Pre Med)    

  • Nikhil Nath Trivedi
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Epstein

The Susan Hensinger Thomas Prize  

  • Meredith Maguire Sullivan

The Terry J. Hibbard Award for Academic Achievement    

  • Richard Lewis Mottram

The Terry J. Hibbard Award for Departmental Service    

  • Joelle Karen Andres-Beck

The Thelma Johnson Showalter Prize    

  • Elizabeth Alejandra Rojas

The University Prize for Men    

  • Anurag Jayant Vaidya
  • Brennan Yee
  • Galaan Mengesha Abdissa
  • Ralph Alphonzo Corbelle, Jr.

The Vivian Miller Prize in British and Irish Literature    

  • Madelene Dianne Margioni

The W. Norwood Lowry Prize    

  • Sara Ann Butler
  • Weiru Chen

The W. Preston Warren Prize    

  • Jokubas Uznys

The Walter H. Sauvain Prize    

  • Julian Alexander Lee Ricketson

The Walter M. and Florence K. Davis Prize    

  • Bryan Rader Giella

The William C. Gretzinger Prize    

  • Casey Lynne Hinchman
  • Helen J. Fish
  • Stuart D. Hallagan IV

The William H. and Carl W. Neff Prize    

  • Jill Allison Rodgers

The William P. Boger Jr., M.D. Award    

  • Abike Mary Beke

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