Portrait of student Serena Tramm

Serena Tramm ’20, Mechanical Engineering

May 1, 2018


Seeing how many amazing student leaders we have on this campus has become my main driving force.

"Bucknell really opened my eyes to getting involved in different things. Receiving a Presidential Fellow scholarship is one of the main reasons I came here — it's a unique opportunity where students can pursue research spanning several departments and interests. In my first year, I worked with the theatre & dance department to create 3D computer models of different theatre sets. Learning how to use the 3D software helped me later on in one of my introductory mechanical engineering courses.

"In high school, there were activities I was interested in, but I didn't try to pursue leadership roles. This year, I have felt a need to build up the clubs I'm a part of. Every year, as senior leaders graduate and new students arrive, you don't know if your club is going to stay together. I want to see the things I am passionate about be successful and have a legacy at this school. On campus, I am the co-vice president of Bucknell's American Society for Mechanical Engineering. We work to get members excited about what their engineering careers could look like in the future. As one of the leaders for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Affinity House, I try to plan events based on everyone's availability and personal and professional interests. Emphasizing the uniqueness of these opportunities, like special guest speakers and site visits, helps generate excitement around them.

"When I first accepted the E&I leader role, I was intimidated because the previous leaders have done so much. Now, seeing how many amazing student leaders we have on this campus has become my main driving force. They have truly inspired me to play my part and make any impact I can while I'm at Bucknell."

Serena is from Los Angeles.