Number of course required for the anthropology major (4 core course; 4 electives)


Where have Bucknell's anthropology professors conducted research?

In Africa, Japan, Portugal, the Arctic, Latin America and North America. Colleagues in related disciplines have done work in the Caribbean, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, among other locations.

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The study of human social and cultural behavior and the diversity and integrity of cultures around the world.

Humans are strange. And fascinating. We live in different communities and cultures, and have an array of habits, yet we have so much in common.

By studying anthropology, you'll learn about and understand humans' quirks and patterns as you gain a wider perspective on the world. Study rituals, politics, economics, patterns of behavior and worldviews throughout human history — and gain research, writing and critical thinking skills you can use in any career.

Did You Know?

Anthropology students learn the variety of economic, political and cosmological principles by which humans organize their societies.

Emphases within courses include studies of peoples of the Arctic, South Asia, Japan, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Instruction in various theoretical topics (such as urbanization, ritual and religious symbolism, gender, consumption and material culture, foodways), the ways of life characteristic of particular world regions (such as Japan, Africa and South America) and applied anthropology.

An honors program is available for individualized study during the senior year.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet all of our faculty

Ned Searles

Associate Professor

Ned Searles

"I like to make students think that they, too, are bearers of an exotic culture that is worthy of study. One of the main points of anthropology is to find out more about ourselves by looking at the other."

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Clare Sammells

Associate Professor

Clare Sammells

"There is a lot written on how tourism can be either a positive and negative for local communities. I try to take a more nuanced approach. There are winners and losers, and I want to see how different people and groups experience tourism and why."

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Allen Tran

Assistant Professor

Allen Tran

"Learning how people in different parts of the world think about something as seemingly simple as how to avoid getting a cold or when it's okay to cry in public, and how that organizes their behavior, unsettles our own assumptions and lets us reflect on why we do what we do."

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Hands-on Experience

Outside the classroom

Study Abroad

Anthropology majors in recent years have studied abroad in Morocco, Florence and Chile. They have conducted field research in Kenya, Botswana, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, England, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, South Africa, India and China.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Opportunities for students to become involved in research are available on campus, in the community or abroad. Departmental funds are available to assist with research expenses including travel.



Anthropology majors can gain career experience through summer internships. Recently, students have interned at:

  • The Fresh Air Fund
  • Youth Action International
  • Giorgio Armani


Sociology & Anthropology

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