When Bucknell University and the Geisinger Health System were each established in Central Pennsylvania, the region was transformed into one that could benefit from and support the institutions' collective intellectual, healthcare and community development initiatives. As two institutional leaders in the region, a formal partnership in the advancement of healthcare delivery, education, and research has truly transformative potential at the local, regional and national levels.

The combination of Bucknell's nationally recognized educational programs and faculty with Geisinger's field-leading healthcare delivery programs and staff is a unique opportunity for the institutions to pursue a joint collaborative mission of improving patient care and advancing related research. The Bucknell Geisinger Research Initiative (BGRI) was created to advance that mission by providing resources in support of collaborative research projects and initiatives across a spectrum of disciplines and organizational interests.

Objectives of the Initiative
The BGRI will target providing advocacy, coordination, and funding support for research and educational collaborations between Bucknell University and the Geisinger Health System.

Research Themes
The Initiative will focus on a flexible set of general themes or foci, which are both highly relevant to modern healthcare and inclusive of both organizations' scholarly, research, pedagogical, and developmental agendas.

Structure of the Initiative
Some components of the Initiative that are viewed as core elements to a successful partnership.

Find a Collaborator
The Initiative promotes interactions by providing a site where Bucknell and Geisinger professionals can learn about and explore each others' research interests.

Current Projects
Three projects were awarded funding in spring 2018.

Contact Information

Director, Office of Sponsored Projects
Geisinger Health System
P: 570.214.7021

Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects
Bucknell University
P: 570.577.3510